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Step 0

They're not just basketball sneakers. At least that's the case for Nike and LeBron James' latest Nike LeBron Xs.  The long-awaited kicks hit the net earlier this week (October 9) on Nike iD for customization and XXL was fortunately granted the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Xs, for one good ol' DIY design session. So how does it all work? See what our Editorial Assistant, Ralph Bristout came up with during his Nike+ experience...—XXL (@XXL)

Choosing Size and Getting Started


After choosing your gender and size, the creative work begins. Here I spent about 15-20 minutes (you read correct), trying to choose the right colorway for the shoe's upper. There's a good amount of colors to choose from, as seen on the left side of this image, so I went through each one of them to check out what I preferred best (as well as what will match the clothes in my closet).


Step 1

Swoosh! This was one of the key parts in the creation process for me, as Nike's 'Swoosh' not only serves as an essential piece to the brand but also on the designs themselves. NIKEiD does a great job at providing an wide-ranging color palette.
Here, I'm trying out a number of things like a Dark Grey upper with a navy blue swoosh. I wasn't sold on the atomic teal tongue although, I really liked the color.

#Step 3

#Step Airbag

When reaching the Nike Airbag option, there's three selections: LeBronX+ Sportpack, LeBronX+ and LeBron X. The sportpack was a winner in my book because of the dope emblem and design that came along with it (Seen in next slide). Just like the other

Step 2

After going through a wide selection of variations that included everything from Heel and Collar iDs, to the shoe's lining, midsole—which offers both a solid and speckle style preference— and outsole types and more, I came to the conclusion that instead of my attempts at following my usual standard of black and red sneakers, I'd take advantage of the all these options and create a signature shoe of my choice. After all, that's what this customization process is all about—designing your shoe, your way.

So I went with the atomic teal and whipped up some magic.


Final Image

After an hour spent on designing, here's what I came up with: Atomic Teal on the upper, black tongue, pink flash laces, a translucent outsole, among other things. This is one of many designs that could be created on this dope customization process available on NIKEiD.com.
Overall, this LeBron X NikeiD experience is priceless and I'd recommend it for any sneakerhead and/or the occasional buyer. The process is fun, fast and exciting.

Can't wait to unbox these. Swag!