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    If you take a look at the lifestyle section in <em>XXL's </em>recent 15th anniversary issue,  you'd probably see the brand line <a href="" target="_blank">Snaps On Fire</a> represented a few times. Founded by Richard Melo, you'll find an array of customized snapbacks featuring all kinds of brim designs. Check out five dope fits that will be perfect for the fall's blustery weather. For other designs and custom orders, check out there site <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.—<em>XXL</em> (<a href="" target="_blank">@XXL)</a>
  • Chicago
    Bulls Champagne
    The Bull was designed with cheetah print on the brim along with a gold watch strap on the back. <br /><strong>Price:</strong> $75
    Miami Dolphins Pendleton
    The Miami Dolphins script snapback with a color way twist<br /><strong>Price:</strong> $75
  • #Bulls
    NY Giants Rose
    New York is known for being extravagant and boisterous, so it's no shock that we would use the NY Giants snapback and drape it in Japanese Brocaid fabric with gold accents along with our signature gold watch strap on the back.<br /><strong>Price:</strong> $75
  • Lakers
    LA Laker Fresh
    Draped in a leopard brocade, the Laker snapback is perfect to go with any of the three colors presented in its dressing. The signature purple and gold classic with a touch of the wild.<br /><strong>Price:</strong> $75
    Lincoln's Grizzly
    This Vancouver piece is decorated with a brim to compliment the bear stripes on the grizzly bear logo. The brim's gold stripes also match the watch strap on the back.<br /><strong>Price:</strong> $75

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