To say that Dom Kennedy’s first official in-store commemorating the release of his newest project, The Yellow Album, and brand new clothing collection designed by Stussy’s Us Versus Them was a success would be an understatement. Active Ride Shop in Long Beach was flooded with fans —some who drove from as far as Arizona— to meet with the Leimert Park emcee. Dom signed autographs and greeted his supporters, which numbered close to 1000, for over six hours on Sunday (July 1st).

“I just look forward to keep building with the people," Dom told XXL's Good Life. "This is the first real event I’ve had in Southern California since The Yellow Album came out...I think it’s just a testament to all the work before that...How hard The Yellow Album is hitting, how people are picking up on the music...I seen a lot of the older fans and I definitely know we got some new ones to have this many people and be signing autographs for six hours."

The capsule includes two tees and a coach’s jacket designed by both Menso and Dom Kennedy.

“The art work is just something me and the artist Menso kinda collabed on...but, as a whole it just shows where we’re at in the game," Dom explained. "From The Westside With Love probably couldn’t have done this...But this is something that The Yellow Album provides for the game”, Kennedy said.

Active reps had to shut the event down at 8pm due to zoning issues. Long Beach Police were called in to help disperse the remaining crowd which gathered around Kennedy and his OPM family to get a few last pics of the Dom. It’s clear that Dom has somewhat became the voice of a generation and when asked about it he said, “That’s what I always wanted...The person speaking for the people to represent the people...It something I always wanted...I like doing things like this to see what they feeling and what they not feeling.”

The collection is available for purchase exclusively at Active Ride Shop’s and on the Us Versus Them online store. The Yellow Album is available for download at—Eric Montgomery (@E_MONT_3)