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  • Leroy Love

    Wouldn’t it be something if these Rap moguls promoted higher learning they way they promote “fire water”, clothes, and cologne. I guess they think that the sole purpose of black folks being on this earth is to get high, drunk, dress up and ride out…I hope that is not the case…..Imagine a commercial where PDiddy rapped about more black folks goiing to college or establishing trust funds for the students who can’t afford to go. We can open up a church any day of the week, but can’t pool our money together to send one child a month to school with a free ride….damn

    • sizwe


    • webzilla

      How about entertainment for the sake of entertainment? Not everything has to be alturistic. Besides you don’t know what he is doing for the less fortunate. Go be negative somewhere else. Sizwe is right. You are a hater spreading gloom. What a downer you are. Where did you get that rhetoric? Can’t pool our money together to send one child a month . . . What the hell are you talking about. Go do you and bore the paint off the walls. I love the commercial! Love Diddy. Don’t like you.