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It was an intimate affair this past Tuesday (December 5) at Downtown Manhattan's James Hotel in NYC as 50 Cent hosted a private party for his SMS Audio Headphones. With approximately 100-plus people in attendance inside the ice-blue lit venue, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and celebration as a suited up Fif courted guests with laughs and smiles.

As pamphlets promoting his headphones and initiative to feed the hungry were strategically placed around the James' rooftop, the Queens MC exited the building as models continued to show off four versions of 50's new headgear. Coming in black, white, black and blue and blue, the wireless and standard headsets are priced at 399.99 (wireless) and 299.99 (standard). More flexible than the new Reebok Flex shoe, the SMS Audio Headphones are the first to provide maximum comfort and mobility. —Ralph Bristout and Amber McKynzie