What's That Clothing Line Mac Miller's Been Wearing?

Mac x Daily Bread Aztec Hood

[Editor's Note: Bill Niels, the founder of Daily Bread, tells XXLMag.com how he became one of Mac Miller and ASAP Rocky's favorite clothing lines.]

As told to Carl Chery

It's been a long road of work and traveling to get to the point were at today, but everything has come pretty natural. We released Fall/Winter for the first time on October 20th, 2010 and our server actually ended up crashing due to high traffic, so it was pushed to the 21st. We have four Hoods, two Crews, five new tees, three new hats, a Raglan, two tone leather belts, and a Good Wood collaboration. I've been a skater, and a big streetwear head since I was 11 years old. I feel once you've truly established a lifestyle that you're so passionate about, it's only by nature you represent. Just like any other organization, you want to spread as far as possible. We represent raw culture. Artists, to skateboarders, to everyday people. Everything is connected somehow and everyone fits in. As people we portray life as it is through art and expression, and as a brand we connect with other artists and express our way of life through every piece. Whether simple as a pattern or complex as a picture, everything has some kind of feel or meaning. For more on Daily Bread, visit the brand's web site http://dailybreadpa.com/

Mac Miller

Fall_Winter collection

Daily Bread x Good Wood

BTS of Mac's Smile Back (Treejay)

Big Jerm x Daily Bread

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky

139 & Lennox shot for lookbook

Treejay x Daily Bread

SKEME x Daily Bread

Most Dope_Taylor gang producer Big Jerm x Daily Bread