YMCMB T-Shirts & Hoodies Go One Sale Today

For the initial rollout of the much-hyped YMCMB clothing line, T-shirts and hoodies will go on sale to the public this afternoon (June 30) at ymcmbofficial.com.

Though Lil Wayne, Birdman, Drake, and other Young Money/Cash Money-affiliated artists such as T-Pain and DJ Khaled have been spotted wearing the sweatshirts, the clothing has never been available for sale to the general public until today.

Teen pop phenom Justin Bieber has also been among the privileged few to rock the unreleased clothing, with a shirt courtesy of Young Money member Lil Twist.

The acronym, of course, stands for “Young Money Cash Money Billionaires.”

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for giveaways soon.—Lauren Carter

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  • h45

    see exactly what I mean XXL can’t go one article without talking about justin bieber’s hoe ass, the site should be XXL HIP ON A KIDDIE LEVEL

    • Mikey F Baby

      agree like a mug

    • ‘dame

      Ya know u dont have to come to this site if u dont want too???

    • JutinBieber

      I run this B*tch, bow down.

  • fbb

    i’ll support my niggaz and buy a hoodie !

  • Mike

    Go ‘One’ Sale?

    step your game up xxl. supposed to have some credibility, get your punctuation, grammar, and spelling right

  • juvenile

    y’all jos hatin on a star………..

  • http://gmail khumalo luzile

    if u can make it available in South Africa we can represent

    • Ivegotswagg1st

      Hi there. We just launched. If u go onto facebook and search YMCMB CLOTHING IN SOUTH AFRICA JOBURG. U will get the details. There are only 2 people in S.A who sell this,my partner up in Cape Town ,and myself in JHB. I just launched,and the page is so interactive.

  • kush

    whats the worst you can do to young money cash money billionaires from kush in africa

  • Libanadzib

    I’m a huge YMCMB supporter and I want to know where I can buy YMCMB clothing I’m living in Ottawa (Canada) can I’ve the address shop please. Thank’s

  • bucka

    “Cuz we goin 2 da YYYYMCA!”

  • Pitco

    Im from south africa and i was wondering wei can buy the YMCMB clothing……you can give me the location address or post any of the small size T-shirt on my post box…..please guys im a big fan of YMCMB……

    • Ivegotswagg1st

      Hi there. If u go onto facebook and search YMCMB CLOTHING IN SOUTH AFRICA JOBURG, u will find us and our details,we do make deliveries,but at an additional fee. We just launched.


    Any feedback of YMCMB clothing coming IN South Africa

    • Ivegotswagg1st

      Hi there. We just launched. Go onto Facebook and search YMCMB CLOTHING IN SOUTH AFRICA JOBURG. You will get all the details,because we just launched.

  • Ivegotswagg1st

    @Pitco and YMCMFAN. In South Africa,am the one who sells it. Its me here in Jhb,and my partner in Cape Town. We just luanched. U can hit the the facebook page, YMCMB CLOTHING IN SOUTH AFRICA JOBURG. U will get all the details,and the page is so interactve.

  • ellis

    i think am getting mine soonest….

  • amofa joseph

    i love Birdman a lot and how can i get his number

  • http://digamasimdif sow

    i like ymcmb and taylor gang or die

  • Pikes

    F*** yall niggas

  • mooi man

    smurf all u niggas

  • http://ymcmb tshepo ace

    i bought ymcmb at jhb sandton waz costing 700

  • http://aceandcompany tshepo ace mbedzi

    ymcmb is kwl bks i lyk it whn is on special jha santon valley moll is the bst cnt 4gt ths dy 13 decembr 4rm 570 to 390

  • http://www.ciscongwenya.za Bhekicisco

    Finally the long awaited YMCMB clothing hs arrivd,definately am gone gt mclf a t-shirt