Win A Flip Cam Signed By Diddy

Diddy’s a giving guy. He gave his fans Last Train To Paris back in December, and now he’s ready to give again. In honor of the album, Diddy has teamed with Flip to offer two signed MinoHD 4GB video cameras that retail at $179.99, but can be yours for free.

Since Diddy is the remix king (matter of fact, if you let him tell it, He Invented The Remix), we want to see your best remix if you want to win the camera.

Here’s how you win: Write a verse in comments section remixing Diddy’s most recent hit, “I’m Coming Home,” telling us why you should win. The best two verses will be laced with the prize.

You must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

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  • Darryl

    i hope that i win this cam ive been wanting one of these for a long time now just never have any money from school or working all the time .

  • Chris Cornell

    Yeah, Im comin home, back from this trip
    I can tell u about it, or watch it on my flip.
    Get it brand new, and stay true
    cause the flip vid, yeah thats cool.
    I need it signed, so I can be fresh,
    true diddy autograph, fresh to death.
    One for the money, two for the show,
    Ima tape the show, and flip on you YO.

  • alex c

    im coming home, you know that ive been missing you/
    all things we used to do, sorry for what i put you through/
    i just wanna hug you, kiss you tell you ive been missing you/
    another day without you, where is this leading to/
    give me another chance to show you how i really feel/
    kiss you head to toe because you got that sex appeal/
    lets start off where we finished last/ tell me where were next to go/ save me the last dance/ your still juliet let me be your romeo/ im missing you every second of everyday i really hate to be away/ your my everything on everything until my dying day/ call me t.i. cause without you im dead and gone/ but your not so prepare for when im coming home/…… im coming home

  • Chris Harris

    Why should I win/because I need a flip, something like circus men/Before I come home, I want the world to know/I’m a beast at heart/My show called life, needs to be filmed with something state of the art/to fill my soul, make me giddy/So I’ll come home with J. Cole, Diddy

  • Vic W

    Im comin home but i aint made it there yet
    I just want to take in everything and never forget
    All the new faces and places that i was shown
    The path started years ago, and now im grown
    Started out small like everyone does
    But now I’m in the ring no tones just gloves
    I don’t back down but I aint looking for a fight
    All black everything I shine like night

  • Vic W

    Im comin home but i aint made it there yet
    I just want to take in everything and never forget
    All the new faces and places that i was shown
    The path started years ago, and now im grown
    Started out small like everyone does
    But now I’m in the Ring no Tones just Gloves
    I don’t back down but I aint looking for a fight
    All black everything I shine like night
    So when you look up and see me sitting on the throne
    Dont be surprised that this boy just made it home.

  • Briian Dargon

    I’m coming home/ yeah/cause i know that ya’ll done missed me/ not a copier but admire Diddy/tryin’ to flip on ya’ll without bein’abrasive/need the camera to show how i get crazy/when i get home/yeah/i’m tryin’ to get like 3D/kinda look like 3T/but act more like Diddy/I’m coming home.

  • Jordan D

    I’m already home/BBQ’s with the fam/capture all the moments with a signed Diddy Cam/Photos used to be good, but now I’d rather record it/gotta win this prize cause I can’t really afford it/nothing beats the feeling of cruisin in the city/when you can capture all the moments with a camera from diddy/

  • J-Fresh

    I’m coming home cuz i’ve been gone too long. I think about where I’m from where things can’t go wrong. I know i’m not from the ghetto or the hood, but dont be misunderstood. Im still reppin where I’m from like i should

    Shoutout to my parents who raised me, my parents who gave me Love and care and who constantly praised me. Showed me how to be a better man and stand with my head up never let up certainly never give up. I’m comin home

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    I’m Coming Home, I love this song / every time it comes on, I hug my mom
    I’m on the last train, almost home / phone home, lil sister answers the home phone
    3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom / sun shinin’ through the windows at noon
    Pass through, furniture not matchin’ / but enough love to fill Diddy’s mansion
    No Ciroc, just empty beer cans / back room, new Kanye, can you hear that?
    Walls filled with pictures of past / floor sometimes littered with trash
    Sister’s dance, Brothers are gamin’ / Mama is cookin’ and I’m behavin’
    Couch filled with dirty money, Dawn and Kalenna / moments captured by a Diddy signed camera

  • Jonas Guerrero

    my friends telling me jonas get a grip man//
    my world was turned upside down no flip cam//
    on the last train to paris
    life’s a trip fam//
    i was chasing after buried treasure
    i was stuck in quick sand//
    not literally//
    but figuratively//
    had her singing
    i need a doctor like skylar
    she was sick of me//
    i lost hope no one believed in me//
    they told me it was over//
    the world declared me dead
    but i was just in acoma//
    i rose from the ashes like a phoenix//
    now im on the same track with diddy
    im coming home this is the remix//
    this is only the beginning
    this aint the zenith//
    my rise to the top
    no one has ever seen this//
    imagine if i had never dreamed this//
    i could have never achieved this//
    or reached this//
    but thank God for giving me the strength to fly
    with no wing span//
    now im killing every song im on…
    hit man//

  • Big Leoni

    Im homesick so im heartless cuz home is where the heart is/ Whether Diddy pick me or not, ima flip vids regardless/ I was a fan when Bad Boy was rockin Coogi sweatas/ Twenty years later – its still Bad Boy foreva/ Gimme the cam so i can film and record/ These struggling days in my beat down honda accord/ Forget what people say, this is more than just a giveaway/ Everytime i spit a line i think ” what would biggie say?” Diddy still the king of the remix and ima mixfiend/ How can Dirty Money Feel So clean ?/ My life is a HD motion picture – heres the next scene/ Cameras flashin, just me and the mic, what a sick dream !/ Diddy you made it, he deservin a toast/ I wanna shine like you so i deserve it the most !!

  • Tad mulugeta

    Coming home freestyle
    Im coming back to a place i used to call home, but is it still a home if everything you knew is gone/ changed up everything and i wasnt even gone that long/ i thought i wanted to be a bad boy for life, but it aint that fun growing old with 4 kids and no wife/ got 3 diferent baby mamas that i wish i could avoid cuz i dont want no drama, but i gotta be there so my kids can see their papa/ i did a little soul searchin, to see if id fall for every girl that would be flirtin/ the pain keeps hurtin, being alone all this time has got me yearnin/ for something more than a lady antebellum, im tryna find someone who aint always gotta be yellin/ more specifically a chick who wouldnt fuck with soulja boy tell em/ i wanna come home but its been so long since i ran away, not even the north star could guide my way/ it feels like the last couple months i aint even been in the milky way, just goin plave to place looking for a couch to stay/ but even if i lost my way, i can always come home at the end of the day/

  • senyos

    uh huh have u eva felt the dark wolf among the park of sheep deep inside yo red pumps innocence but nobody seems to see the angel inside yo black coat- nigga life is hard wen the ones u love hate u mo than i hate gay one to trust but the 9mm behind yo knuckes wishing you could fire out yo way into the outer world maybe pick up a model like amber-go and do shit coz nobody cares..its an obama nation we supposed to ride like gangstars …yet the niggas go and ride like lawyers-hip pop is dead coz we lost who we are..and i wanna take back the fight for who we are, climb up up the rap ladder and dine wit them famous faces and still don on my nikees. tru rebels die like soldiers and plastic soldiers die like snitches- mom tell daddy am sorry, if this sounds like a problem then lock the doors tight i rather stay out tonight coz it feels like home….and i cant wait for sun to go down so i can see my home coming…peace…

  • Tez Pariah

    I’m comin home to shit thats harder than cinderblocks/ goin ham everyday but i do not eat porkchops/ the top gotta be my status quo cuz the future is all i see/ so mt everest is where my pupils be/ i need to win cause this contest is lakin talent/ cus people always tell me that my is latent/ i need to win cuz my lyrics so dope u can roll it up and smoke it/ sleep on me you’ll be mad if u omit

  • vimon redhead

    i hope i win this cam so i can can show my cousin his sister’s wedding

  • Dugu1d

    im coming home, i aint been here in a while/
    the thought of being back… just makes me smile/
    mum cookin up a mean meal, dad just kickin it/
    im coming back, well, cos ive been missin it/
    yo,im sorry that i aint been visitin/
    had to get myself together some shit needed revisiting/
    got my shit together now got my head straight/
    no more regrets now im feelin great/
    go out do my thing just chill with my mates/
    dancefloor, yep,cuttin up some shapes/
    oh, dirty money, i love this song/
    glad to be back been way too long/
    no more half empty cups now i know i belong/
    like kanye i’m feeling more fast more strong/
    know iv got to carry on/
    back to my kingdom …….now im home/

    just realised it says “you must have a U.S. mailing address to win.” oh well

  • dsanty

    i’m coming home/ because now i’m grown/ and this knowledge i know/ mistakes have been made/ feel like i’m leaving my cave/ shit i almost feel like a slave/ home/ but it feels alone/ there’s nobody here/ loneliness i fear/ biggies gone/ but the rap games strong/ when you got players like me/ don’t rhyme for a fee/ all of my lines come free/ i’m done/ i won/ now bow to my greatness/ while my words make you feel weightless.

  • D Blak

    -Ha, these dudes above me iz lame/ I’m coming home with the diddy flip/that’s plain.
    -Might just record myself diddy bopping in the range/bumping B.I.G. when he had the versace suit and the cane.
    -I might just pick up Puff, so he can “Press Play” on the cam-
    see the footage of J-Lo/running barefoot in the sand.
    -But on the real,I’m on the “last train to paris”/looking for a deal/maybe I can hold his umbrella/then hit em’ with the skill.
    -I got my Sean John jacket on/working for a mill/I’m a free agent talent/signing me is a steal.
    -I ain’t ready to die, but I’m big on the real/watch me flip this verse to something they can feel.—Now that’s Ill…..

  • Jake Rock

    My life is wonderful, but it could always be better/
    Forget a cardigan and a dream, all I need is a sweater/
    I do whatever…I do whatever it takes/
    Just call me Usain Bolt cuz I am in first place/
    I love the chase, it keeps me on top of my game/
    Fuck you too bad vibes, cuz bad vibes always change/
    My name is Wallace, put W on the map/
    Reppin B-town in blue, I bring game to the WAC/
    matta fact, I dont know much about it but I know I’m being counted like a hundred million albums it’s my dream and no one’s helpin like to spend and I cant help it/
    so do not EVER doubt it, cuz my answer is told/
    I’m bold plus cool, you know my answer is cold/
    So watch as I grow,while on my search for the throne/
    I am on the last train, so now I am Comin Home/

  • Josh C

    Home is not a place it’s a state of mind
    The camera’s got a lens, see through my minds eye
    Images of future, memories have passed
    Like running through the hallways, skipping out on class
    Now I’m running down the highway, the procession of life
    Hiding my aggression like a switchblade knife
    Sort of like a Swiss Army, you better come equipped
    XXL and Diddy armed me, I’m fitted for the Flip

  • Prince Caesar

    You know I’m coming home/ I hopped the last train to Paris/ because a home is where the heart is so its something to be cherished/ We all perish/ my heart decaying every moment/ I’m aware of my mistakes so now I’m praying for atonement/ While I’m slaying all opponents/ cuz my attitude is pompous/ because i’m on the road to riches and I ain’t have to use a compass/ But listen baby I can’t function on my own/ Yo I’m just ranting on this phone/ and plus you always in my heart/ so please don’t panic when i’m gone/ I’m coming home

  • p-wizzle

    I’m Coming Home ,been away to long it’s party waiting on me we about to have a little fun put two fingers in the air for the homie B.I.G.look at my family they all look good GUCCI down to the socks they call me diddy AKA king of N.Y. take that,take that.

  • http://marcelblaze/facebook Marcel Blaze

    Coming from the bottom, visualizing the top/haters they still plottn, i told’em i’ll never stop/Im the best! ( im the best) /while reppin’ for my city, “i dream notrious, living spirit of biggie,”/im comin home, tell’em im comin home/ back to city lights, comn back to the throne/biggie said it best, more the money, more the problems/fuck the haterz cause see tonite you know we all ballin/Im comin home….

  • bigkitchen

    I m coming home for 1 last time play your part or I will replace the dime heads or tails I am still leaving deep breathing is not what I m needing. Luv is true a friend not a foe in my life for the rest of my life my wife …… Chorus

  • Bernard

    you can ask sean carter im already home
    flip cam from sean combs thas already on
    glass a patron in my zone while i celebrate
    I never hate im down to earth now watch my style levitate
    flow that make tha levys brake lyrically I elevate
    skinny nigga but my confidence is heavy weight
    need tha cam in my hand to get this girl out her dress
    im home..I never left..u can say im on house arrest
    honestly this year I didnt manage my money well
    but stay tuned XXL in 2012
    flip cam help me get my net buzz up
    now doing live shows n interviews wassup?
    I may not have the best verse in the comment box
    but im not a spammer & I have the best grammar =]
    im tryna live life & record it time is money
    no watch so I just cant afford it
    im just tryna get money in abundance
    different city ery night livin life out my luggage

    -Champ [@WhoIsChamp]
    Mixtape Comingggggg “No Dream Is To Big”

  • Rodney Autry

    im comin home like my nigga diddy tyna make it to da bigga figgaz spittin verses like my nigga biggie in me wid dis camera ima flip my life into sumthin batta make my sons proud that dad chasin dreams instead of skirts an a high im filmin visuals of my life n struggles tryna make it out my city with dreams n a flow sent from haven spitting halos at lil devils haten on me but its koo cuz like lupe hiphop go save my life…….id like to thank diddy n xxl fo givin me an erbody a chance to win sumthin by doin what dey love good luck to erbody….lil rodney

  • Rodney Autry

    read alot of peoples n i gotta say dey all go hard….good luck again

  • CrosNyDAWG (C.N.D.)

    As a law student who’s similar to Kanye/
    My years are albums and now I am about to graduate/
    This is the home stretch, my eyes on the prize/
    So my sights on the Flip cam as I pen the rhymes/
    The route to the top, it hasn’t always been clear to me/
    If one door closed, I went and grabbed the window seat/
    I started small like a chef serving French cuisine/
    Non-Fiction, I am the Royale with extra cheese/
    You can’t Mapquest it or book it on Orbitz/
    Raw hard work lays the track to this fortune/
    I’m Paris’s last train, Coco Chanel’s inside/
    I’ll CC you on the e-mail when I’ve arrived/
    See I wear the crown just as Louis the 13th/
    Leo in an inception I rearranged all the streets/
    So please take the rail then go visit the Louvre/
    The tapestry of my life is fresh off the loom/

  • jake

    when are the winners going to be picked?

    • Biz Markie


  • J-Read

    you really gotta hear me spit it cause the delivery is what puts the finess to the lyrics, but it goes:

    Its been a long time and a hella hard grind/ I promised I’d retrurn when the world was all mine/ but the universe is stingy, it wouldnt give me half/ so i tried to count my blessings but i couldnt do the math/
    put it in plain english, i could never have enough/ Ima ride till the road end, and my casket shut/ thats a minute from this second so for now im on the rise/ tell Diddy he gon have to send my camera to the skies/
    now im chillin with the stars, my neighbors are the planets/ Ill take a pic of heaven and ill make sure that its candid/ the haters couldnt stand it, but im positive that Diddy know/ Ill be sure to boast in a post of a video/
    They said I could win a flip, all I gotta do is spit/ on this diddy beat to rip, and make sure that its lagit/ they said go hard, by all means I did it/ take the last train to Paris if thats where i gotta get it

  • Bernard

    you can ask sean carter im already home
    flip cam from sean combs thas already on
    glass of patron in my zone while I celebrate
    I never hate im down to earth but my style levitates
    flow that made the levys brake F the crtics let em hate
    slim nigga although my confidence is heavy weight
    if u snooze u loose but my eyes on the prize
    a flipcam 2 make youtube views rise
    this year I admit I didnt manage my money well
    but stay tuned XXL in 2012
    funny? well money makin my tummy swell
    cause I succeed exactly where u dummys fail
    not tryna b an internet rap star who acts hard
    tryna get my diddy on flip cam white broad n a black card
    I may not have the best verse in the chat box
    but im not a spammer & I have the best grammer =]
    if you had a CONscience listen to it
    reading thru my lyrical CONtent
    its obvious who should win this COntest
    im the best selection for next years freshman
    save my face a place in the show & proove section

  • JcBigG

    I know you miss me baby, I’m on my way home now.
    no more waitin’ for my calls, put the phone down.
    no more sex toys, I can make you moan now.
    I got a lot of makin’ up to do,
    and I promise I’mma make it up to you,
    3 dozen roses are red, princess-cut diamonds are blue,
    endless gifts await you, as long as you stay true,
    international businessman, millions of miles I flew,
    everyday I was away, the stronger my love grew,
    unconditionally, you’re stuck in my heart like krazy-glue!

  • johnny blaze

    how do we know, and when do we know who won ????

  • Lance

    I need a little camera to carry and do videos of my baby boy who is freakin awesome!

  • Jerrianne Wallace

    Is a house really a home
    when your loved ones are gone?
    What if the twins ask
    why I aint marry their mom?
    gotta take a trip
    gotta use my flip
    catch the moments
    that matter the most
    I need to get back to the place I belong
    I’m coming home

  • TheMountainMystic

    Uh hun, Uh hun, Uh hun Uh hun, Yeah
    (It Feel Good To Yah, So Good To Yah. Don’t fight the feeling – Diddy)

    Soulless men wearing suits and ties coming home to ruin there lives /
    I welcome you to the life of a mystic, sprinting at night, loosening the grip of these gruesome lies /
    If this was just a verse, I would be robotic and emotionless/
    But my monitor is horizontal, leaving me room to dry these eyes/

    I’m sitting on a storm, waiting for the sun to rise /
    Meet a hermit in the woods, he told me to close my eyes /
    Told my imagination is the factory that makes legends /
    So close your eyes and dream big like faith Evans /

    So I can shoot paranormal divinity /
    Make the world fear god once again – b4 2012 hits your city/
    but never fear change—flow like water /
    my bag got I Ching, 3 quarters, and some poetry to keep me busy/

    It time for change, and im coming home /
    To the top of the mountain where nothings known/
    hip hop doesn’t need another tom, but a bone/
    and ill be the donor if you be my marrow/
    God will be the surgeon, and diddy the arrow/
    XXL got the rights to primetime it on cable/

  • stephen adams

    Yo, in oh eight, I left home wit no cake
    4 years later I bought my mom her own place
    I remember the broke days
    All I ever I did was hope an pray what I wrote pays.
    22 yesterday, an I’m waitin on my world to flip
    Win ah flip cam and recorded the world with it
    Edwin said fuck the world, record u fuckin ur girl wit it
    I said fuck my girl, record me fuckin the world wit it
    First things first, I handle business
    Time rarely ever, bares forgiveness
    Hustle while I’m young, an collect on interest
    Plus I’m havin fun, while collectin interest.
    Wiz blew up 6 months ago, in happens in an instant
    Light camera flash, it happens an instant
    Flip cam record the past, the past is significant
    Let the moments pass, an laugh as u witness it.

  • Hip Hop

    What a sham! Nobody one, folks be lying.