Kanye West Closes One of His Fatburger Locations

Kanye West may be about to go H.A.M., but his ability to serve beef recently took a hit.

According to NBC, one of Kanye West’s Chicago Fatburger restaurants closed over the weekend. Located in Orland Park, Illinois, the location shut down on Sunday (January 23) because of reported underperforming finances. Kanye has a deal to open ten Fatburgers in the Chi-town area, and the Orland Park chain was one of two locations that have opened doors so far. It first opened in 2008. Yeezy’s other location, located in Beverly, Illinois, is said to be doing well.

The report also states that the company’s CEO, Andy Widerhorn, said that Fatburger is now searching for a new replacement site in Orland Park. There is no word yet on where the new location, or Kanye’s other eight, will land. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Sha


    How is this news? The undercurrent on this story paints a negative light on Kanye. Like he’s losing dough or something. How many stories did XXL run when Magic Johnson decided to close a gang of Starbucks? Isn’t Magic still caked up? What about Jay-Z selling off 40/40? Isn’t he still caked up? Aren’t K-Mart, Sears and other retailers also making these kinds of adjustments? Why paint one of ours (a rapper) into some kind of poverty stricken corner (when it’s obvious dude’s pockets are deep)?

    I’m curious…. “According to NBC”…..

    Is XXL dick-riding for stories now? You guys are supposed to have the inside track on news. And you’re taking news from NBC? An obvious supporter of the Taylor “Lilly White” Swift Movement….. XXL, your skirt is showing on this one…..

    • Mikey F Baby

      Get off Kanye’s dick

    • jmahal

      If its a franchise, and he’s the franchisee he has 99% all the say-so if it stays open or not. Damn, they are just reporting one of his restaurants is closing, mixing hip hop with business news. It’s good to see artists invest in other ventures outside of music. I’m a fan of Kanye, but I didn’t take this story personal, shit wtf u guys drink some lemonade and relax. Everybody know his money is good, now let’s see if his business aspirations is as good as his musical savvy.

  • Don mcCaine

    “The undercurrent on this story paints a negative light on Kanye. Like he’s losing dough or something.”

    ^ Sha sees it too…

  • Q461

    If Fatburger is a franchise, I don’t think Kanye has much say if they are going to close it or not. It’s not like dude is there flippin burgers, its one of many investments for him. One of E40′s Fatburgers closed also. This happens often, even McDonalds scales back and closes locations in certain states/countries where a chain is underperforming. Better to close it if you are going to be spending more to keep it open than the revenue said shop is generating. Trust , Ye is just fine with money.

    Off topic, I love me some Fatburger lol. Wish they had em close to me, the closest is in Atlantic City.