Abstract Thought Lookbook

Abstract Thought is a relative newcomer on the streetwear scene, but since its creation in 2007 the brand has been building up their look. Abstract Thought mixes intellect with art and creativity to bring forth designs that are both visually strong dare you to think.

Visit www.imabstract.com where you can both cop the gear and stay up on what’s going on with the brand. Feel free to check them out on Twitter, as well.

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  • Whitnee

    Abstract THought is undoubtily creating a buzz on the streets of Philadelphia and nationwide. Its easy to understand its appeal after a quick paruse through the official website: imabstract.com. In my opinion, Abstract Though offers one the opportunity to “wear a TRUE BRAND” instead of the “BRAND WEARING THEM”. I am so proud of the creators of Abstract Thought. I have known the creators from the inception of the clothing line and its a blessing to see them present it to the world.

    Love u guys!

  • Reem

    Strongest streetwear / skater brand out of Philly


    I proud of Abstract Thought. They are my mentors, my friends, and even though the brand is fairly new to the streetwear scene , the creators are no Amatuers…….


  • Lulu

    yesss Abstract thought on the rise! Lets get it!

  • http://twitter.com/katchin05 Katchin05

    I so *need* that ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ tee.

  • dee120

    Strongest streetwear/skate brand out of Philly? You obviously don’t know too much about the culture. This shit is terrible, be real. Yeah and there is nothing streetwear or “skater” about this.

  • dee120

    And I’m the last one to hate, but I wont let someone think this brand is holding down Philly.

    • BillyABSTRACT

      This comment is for dee120: You stated within your comment that you are “Hating”!!! If you are a Philly Native than you KNOW FOR A FACT the ABSTRACT THOUGHT is the STRONGEST BRAND in Philadelphia. But we embrace “Hate” with “Love” So: Feel free to come to our next event… We will Lace you in some of our Latest!!! Lol Philly is Ours!!! “ALWAYS THINK ABSTRACT”

    • Edgetbread