I'm admittedly a bit late on this, but it was too dope not to post. Here are some new pieces by Jack Labadie that I spotted while checking out my people at The Outlet Magazine over the weekend. Labadie is a young dude with some gifts when it comes to those brush strokes. Check out his site to see other pieces he's done, including spots on Jay-Z, Drake and Wale as well as a bunch of athletes. I'm gonna be checking for more out of this dude, as should you. Peep a bunch of his work below. —Adam Fleischer

Wiz Khalifa Jack Labadie Featured

Jack Labadie Drake

Jack Labadie Curren$y Wiz Khalifa

Jack Labadie Jay-Z

Jack Labadie Kanye

Jack Labadie Wiz Khalifa