B.o.B Wants Rap Album of the Year Grammy Above All

Last week, the Grammy nominations were announced, and B.o.B was among the leaders across the board—earning five nominations.

Although “Record of the Year”, for “Nothin’ On You,” is one of the awards he could possibly win, the former XXL Freshman says he has his sights set on “Rap Album of the Year,” for his debut LP, B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

“This is the first time and my first album release,” he told XXLMag.com. “You only have one time to release your first album and for me I would have to say that [I want to win Rap Album of the Year]. But, at the same time, going home with a Grammy—a Grammy is still a Grammy.”

As for what he’s going to wear to the big night in February, Bobby—who has been recognized in the part for his fashion sense—is still unsure.

“There’s a huge plethora in the fashion world to do,” he said, still mulling over his options. “I think whatever it is, it’s definitely gonna be custom made. It could be something Alexander McQueen. I could get G-Starr Raw to make something custom. I don’t know. It just depends if I go more the formal route or the urban route. I might do both.”

Earlier this week, B.o.B dropped his new mixtape, No Genre, which you can download here. —Adam Fleischer with reporting from Jesse Gissen

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  • T

    How can you win rap album of the year with a pop album? Still much love to B.o.B!

    • me

      Co-sign ^ wat the hell is B.o.B even in the category for ? the grammy’s has become a joke with the nominations for rap. Any one remember when real rap talent was mentioned for grammy’s and it was a big deal. Bone thugs – n- harmony crossroads was a real crossover for a rap group.

  • T-Mac

    Unfortunately, rap album of the year will probably be that pop/rock garbage Recovery. RAP album of the year is Slim Thug – Tha Thug Show!

    • swype-matic

      I feel you on that. They never actually award true rap albums, always that hybrid shit that unfortunately appeals to people with short attention spans, aka “the masses”. But anyway, why does B.o.B want the rap album grammy when he barely raps more than Kid Cudi???

  • c/gaddic

    sorry BOb ur talented but AdventuresofBRay is no rap album
    it’s a good album from a a musical standpoint but Recovery is a REAL RAP album
    Kid Cudi+Bob talented artists but the music can’t be called rap with just cathy hooks and good instrumentals
    Rap is about lyricism and dope verses