A Look Inside Pharrell’s Miami Home

Photographer Todd Selby snapped a number of photos of Pharrell’s $14 million Miami home. The spot looks pretty astonishing. Lots of modern art, Family Guy-related stuff and great views. Check it out.

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  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-05-570x841
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  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-09
  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-10-570x855
  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-15-570x883
  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-16-570x889
  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-17
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  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-19-570x808
  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-20-570x762
  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-21-570x855
  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-23
  • todd-selby-pharrell-williams-home-miami-24
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  • Dead President

    i understand every1 got diff tastes n shit. wats wit all the crossed eyes. 14 milli.? but wat a mean view an yo, bangin crib son…bangin. a penthouse fulla naked drunk bitchz gettin loose – owwww.!!!

    • the purple giver

      the cross eyes are KAWS artwork, most of the figuers are KAWS, and the family guy pieces