The sexy side of hip-hop

Melissa Avera: A Big Heart With Assests To Match [Web Candy x Gallery]

Photography courtesy of Stephanie Acosta o Nea’s Photography REPS: Hesperia/Oceanside, CA STATS: 32B-25-39 CAREER HIGHLIHT: “Being on WWS Magazine website.” FAVORITE ARTIST: “Tupac my all time favorite because I love what he talks about in his music. He talks about things that no other rapper would ever talk about! He was very real! And Biggie Smalls because ‘Juicy’ is my favorite song, and he had amazing music to get down to. I just believe no other rappers have been able to follow in their shoes they were amazing and live on!” FAVORITE VIDEO: “Mary J Bilge “Not Gon’ Cry” because it’s the song from ...

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