Who’s Your Favorite Nicki Minaj?

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    <strong>Latest Singles: </strong>"Lookin' Ass Niggas"<br /><strong>Number Of Delays: </strong>N/A<br /><strong>The Holdup:</strong> Nicki's taken a step back from the music world in the past year or so to focus on both her retail projects—including a perfume, a Moscato and a clothing line with K Mart—as well as her ill-fated role as a judge on <em>American Idol</em>. She also is acting in her first film, and delayed the start of work on the album until filming was finished last year.
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    Photo by Seth Browarnik
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    On Saturday, Nicki Minaj celebrated her 30th birthday. To commemorate three decades of Ms. Minaj, we compiled a gallery of some of her sexiest shots in her honor. She's got that boom, boom. Enjoy! —XXL Staff (@XXL)
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Over the past month and some change, Nicki Minaj changed her style from loud wigs to a more natural look and it’s turning heads. No seriously, did you see her at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards? But the question is, what Nicki Minaj look do you prefer? Voice your opinions in the comments section.

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