Ladies, want to know how you can impress Kevin Gates? He tells you how below.

A good woman is going to be seen and not heard. And we going to communicate with our eyes. You going to look and I’m going to look and I might give you a smirk and you might smirk back. And we might see each other that one time. We might not see each other for another two three months but I know every time I step out I’m going to look the best because I just might see you. And then I might see you and shake your hand and say, “I’m not trying to be disrespectful, please don’t take this the wrong way, I remember the first time I saw you at such and such, and you was getting the chocolate martini, I've wanted your pussy.” I'm that type of nigga.

But we know each other. We don’t know each other per sé, but we know each other because we might have seen each other a few times. The first thing I said was, "I've been wanting you,” and I meant that. And it's something about being a street nigga. You tell a woman I’ve been wanting you because we’re the most passionate individuals on earth. We fight hard, we hustle hard, we also love hard. I might go to jail or get killed any day in the streets. So every moment I’m with this woman, I’m going to love this woman. To the utmost. I'm going to kiss everything, I'm going to lick everything, I'm going to touch everything.

Street niggas be the most passionate individuals because any day we can lose it all. Just having that mentality, that’s why women are attracted to that type of individual. We’re highly intelligent. I got my Masters in Psychology in prison, so the conversations that I can have, or the stories I can tell while we’re laying in the bed? She [can] feel my bullet wounds. Just the conversations I can have, you feel me?