Excuse My French
This curvy French vanilla cutie has us all tongue-tied. Parlez-vous français, mon amour?
Words Sean A. Malcolm
Images Sarah McColgan

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the October/November 2013 issue of XXL Magazine.

At the end of the day, I’m an opportunist,” says the beauty Rosée from France. “Meaning if I see an opportunity other than what I had in mind coming to me, I’m going to take it. I wanted to be a big marketing guru. Obviously now, no.” That’s because instead of peddling products, the 24-year-old Bordeaux—who graduated from the country’s ESARC Evolution with a degree in international business and has a bachelor’s degree in finance—pumps visual stimulation on these social media streets. With a high activity on her Instagram and Twitter accounts (both named @FrenchRoseBud), followers can drool over pics and videos of Rosée partying, sunbathing and showing off her 34D-25-45 physique.

Lest we forget, she’s notched three videos to her resume since hitting the U.S. in 2012, most notably the “#TwerkIt” video by Busta Rhymes featuring Nicki Minaj. Rosée is also in Fat Joe’s “Ballin’” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Busta’s collabo with Kanye West and Q-Tip, “I Wanna Thank You.”

Right now Rosée is having a blast. “I’m literally indulging myself,” she says. “I love my job. I’m not curing cancer or discovering a new planet, but I sure as hell can make that world prettier...with my ass.” Sacrebleu!

XXL: Honestly, a White woman with booty isn’t a new thing. But it’s rare when it’s a foreigner. What was the reaction when you first switched your hips on U.S. soil?
Rosée: They loved it. At first, I thought they were making fun of me because in France people make fun of my hips. It’s not a glamorous thing over there.

A body like yours is ridiculed across the Atlantic? For shame.
Yeah, it’s nothing nice. We like runway models.

Have you ever considered yourself a model?
Never. Even now. I’m not a model. [Laughs]

Then what are you?
I’m an eye candy. To me, a model is Miranda Kerr from Victoria’s Secret or the Chanel models. These are real models. They get paid several thousands of dollars in endorsements to model something. This is not modeling. This is you being pretty and showing off your curves, to be polite, in magazines and music videos.

Have you always had these curves?
I’ve always had them. At 10 I started to get hips. You always underestimate how kids grow up fast.

And you’re all grown up. But can you actually twerk it, as Busta’s song suggests?
No, at the end of the day, twerking is just shaking your ass. And I have a big ass. [Laughs]

That’s mighty observant of you.
I don’t really have to twerk. Naturally, my ass makes waves. It’s like a tsunami; it starts here and ends up over there. [Laughs] ?