In the urban modeling world, it's very rare to find Asian models, but Chinadolle is one of the gems. Best known, perhaps, for her role in the Red Cafe, Fabolous, and Trey Songz video for "Fully Loaded," this California cutie talks about her business plan, the misconceptions of urban models, and what a man has to do to win her heart.

You are a rarity in this industry–a mix of Chinese and Filipino. How has this worked to your advantage in getting jobs?

It has helped because in this industry, they are always looking for a special look or rare breed of female. So, especially in the urban world, there aren’t many Chinese and Filipino women. So I always get noticed out of the crowd.

Tell us about the best experience you've had so far as a model.

So far I would say the best experience would have to be my starring role in the new Red Cafe, Fabolous, and Trey Songz "Fully Loaded" video. The director was fun to work with, the artists were friendly, and I knew some women on set and met others who I became friends with. I really enjoyed myself. I also tried on a new role in this video.

What would you say is the biggest misconception people have of urban models? How do you hope to change their misconceptions?

Everyone thinks that there is no money in the industry. This is false. You have legit urban models that are working and handling business. Some people feel that being an urban model is a waste of time. I hope to change this by showing and proving. There are quite a few successful urban models and expect me to be one of the next.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In 10 years, I plan to be a brand, a household name. Whether it’s me on the big screen or me having products or my own business. A businesswoman, to say the least.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment outside of modeling?

Appearing in movies and television shows. These are things I've always wanted to do, but didn't actually see myself doing it. So now that I am, it's like a dream come true. I'm also a big part of my family business and experienced travelling all around Asia.

What does a man have to do to win your heart?

He has to be sincere, be secure, respect my craft, be respectable and be himself. Don’t try to impress me. Just be who you are.

Who is your celebrity crush, and why?

I love T.I. I know he’s married but I think that he's sexy, intelligent, he’s a great business man and he’s a complete all around man. So I'd go with T.I.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to any girl who is hoping to be a model?

Don't just jump in this game. Seek legit management, make sure you start your portfolio off correctly, network, and remember that you are a model 24/7. How you present yourself to the public is how people will treat you. So make sure you are professional at all times. People are always watching. Last, be consistent. This business doesn't wait on you. – Bernadette Giacomazzo (@bgiacomazzo)