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  • francis nasim

    ooops! im married to a——————-white girl!!!!!!!!owww-n b-i love oy its off the chainme some flesh

  • francis nasim

    i think sarah clayton that you are cool and would like to know if you wanna go to the ball game for 9 innings sometime.-my house is right down the street from the stadium and we can drink beer n stuff.-alot of the black girls in my hood do laundry-?!- i’ll wait.. seems like you n me though will eventually be in the same tax bracket-be coolshorty-peace!

  • francis nasim


  • riinlove

    I ain’t muslum but “salaam i like em’”

  • Carolyn Clark

    Interested in posing for your magazine/becoming a Model.
    What would be the proper procedures to fill out an application?

    Thanks In Advance,
    Carolyn Clark

  • Church Fan

    This is a great shot – too bad you guys had to pull a crappy move like blurring out the watermark of the photographer, Scott Church. How about credit where it’s due?