The Notorious B.I.G.’s R&B Dreams [Candy Bars]

In 1994, The Notorious B.I.G. put the thoughts of millions of men to record when he named all of the R&B singers he was crushing on in “Just Playing (Dreams).” With a sharp tongue and clever wordplay, a young Biggie delivered his explicit references to everyone from Whitney Houston to Mary J. Blige with a charm no other MC could pull off. XXL staff would love to see a modern rhymer take a shot at making an updated version, but since Rhianna seems to be the only R&B Eye Candy worth name-dropping in lyrics these days, re-listening to B.I.G.’s classic and clicking through the slideshow of throwback R&B chicks will have to do. Sit back, relax, steam a blunt and remember, he’s just playing. — XXL Staff (@xxl)

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  • #toni-braxton_415
  • Regina Belle
    "Ooh, Regina Belle, she'd probably do me swell..."
  • Jasmine_Guy
    "Jasmine Guy is fly..."
  • mariah-c
    "Mariah Carey's kinda scary..."
  • Mary J Blige 2011 shoot
    "Wait a minute, what about my honey Mary?/Them jeans, they fittin' like a glove, I had a crush on you since "Real Love..."
  • swv-243-group-2
    "Even groups like SWV..."
  • 223182_0158-nc
    "And TLC, can't see B.I.G. with telepathy..."
  • Chante Moore
    "I'll put Chante Moore pussy in stitches..."
  • Xscape
    "I'd fuck Ru Paul before I fuck them ugly ass Xscape bitches..."
  • Raven-Symon-raven-symone-25575199-1152-864
    "You can 76 the 69, try 68/Make Raven Simone called date rape..."
  • Jade
    "Only cuz Im paid/Im fuckin all of Jade..."
  • zhane
    "And my DJ Zhane, she likes it when they say/Everybody, move your body..."
  • vibevixen-whitneyhouston
    "Everybody, move your body/Got Whitney Houson boostin' from Bobby..."
  • Chaka+Khan+PNG
    "Backshots to Chaka, I know that pussy hairy..."
  • Paul Natkin Archive
    "Sade, ooooh I know that pussy tight..."
  • Tina-Turner-2008_Andrew-Macpherson-4
    "Smacked Tina Turner, give her flashbacks of Ike..."
  • rsz_patra1
    "I'm doin all of dem, jimmy hats for Patra..."
  • toni-braxton-029-01
    "(What about Toni Braxton?)/if that bitch give me action, Guaranteed Satisfaction."

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