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XXLmag.com: Looking back at Game 3, New York Rangers' Henrik Lundqvist shut out the New Jersey Devils to seize a 2-1 lead. What do you think about your Rangers' chances of winning the conference finals?

Tehmeena Afzal: They have a very good chance! They shut the Devils down, not only in game 3 but also in game 1! I see another shutout against the Devils coming! They are going for the hat-trick.

How do you feel as a fan to see the Rangers this deep in the playoffs? They have not made it to the conference finals since 1996-97 and have a chance to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1993-94?

It's exciting! I remember when they won it back in 1994; I was running up and down the street with my dad's Mark Messier jersey on, which was down to my ankles. I think I'm gonna do the same thing when they win it this year, in my outfit from my Rangers Tribute video.

Ultimately, what is your prediction for the Stanley Cup Finals?

It's going to be the Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings, and it will go down to the 7th game and the Rangers will win it!