Can Stephanie Monique Come Through In The Clutch? HYFR!

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Some girls just have to show up. It was that easy for Stephanie Monique, the 23-year-old Panamanian beauty who got a leading part in Drake and Lil Wayne’s “HYFR” video after linking with Director X just hours before he started shooting. The Spanish soap opera actress recently took her considerable talents (38D-24-39) to South Beach to pursue a career as an actress while continuing to model on the side. got to talk with the crunch time performer who wants everyone to know she’s “not some slore that’s boning Drake for perks.” As you’ll soon see, she’s not a fan of that sensitive stuff, anyway. – @CalvinStovall

Location: Miami, FL
Ethnicity: Panamanian and Black
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Measurements: 34D-22-39

Was that your first time at a bar mitzvah?

Yes (laughs). It was actually pretty cool, just to watch everything go down and watch it come together.

How’d you end up in the video in the first place?

I had tweeted out “does anyone know (Director) X’s twitter?” cause I knew they were doing the video the next day. And this dude got back to me the next day like, “that’s my brother.” So he sent X my pictures and my phone number and everything and not even an hour before the shoot, X called me like, “I don’t know if you’re gonna be in the video or not, but just come down and meet me at least. And just in case, bring some clothes.”

How was it meeting X?

X, I talked to him a lot. It was nice to get direction from him because it was my first big video. Not my first video ever, but my first big video.

Who are some of the classic Eye Candies that you remember looking up to?

Denyse Lawson, she used to be in every video. She was out there, she worked hard. I remember seeing her all the time. I remember seeing Melyssa Ford, I remember watching them back in the day. I really like Gloria, Vida Guerra… I really wanna do like K.D. Aubert, how she crossed over and was able to go into acting. And Lashonte Heckard, look at her she’s on “The Game” now. Just to be able to cross over and not be stuck.

You responded to rumors of you and Drake hooking up by saying, “I’m a working, professional woman, not a gold digger. And certainly not some slore that’s boning Drake for perks.”

That’s exactly how I feel.

So you’re not the type to have “some random nigga that lives in Atlanta” paying your tuition?

Not at all (laughs). I work. I work every single day. I do Spanish soap operas, so I work hard. I don’t like being in the midst of somebody else’s career because I’m trying to make my own way. So when the story broke, I didn’t even know who he was. I had no clue. I had never met him ever. I had seen him places and stuff, like at different concerts I would go to. But as far as me knowing him, I don’t even know where that came about. I work, I used to go to school, (and) I’m out of school now. So it kind of upset me that people would even say stuff like that.

We know you’re not with Drizzy. Are you seeing anyone right now?

I’m single. I’m single and focused, but of course I’m a female and I’m grown. So of course I want that, um, interaction. But right now I don’t have anybody like that. Ain’t looking for one, but if it comes my way…

Are you one of the women in the industry with a “no rappers” policy?

I don’t have a “no rapper” policy, what I have is a no BS policy. I understand what they do, I totally understand, totally get it. But I’m not one to just take anything and go through anything because of what you do.

What are your BS detectors? How do you know when a dude is coming up to you on some bullshit?

I hate niggas that’s like, “You are so beautiful! You are so this, you are so that.” That turns me off so quick, dude for real. I love compliments, don’t get me wrong, but I like dudes that can talk shit to me and I can talk shit back. I like the realness of it all. I don’t like the fake shit at all, that’s not me.

The players call that simping— Sensitive pimping. So simps need not apply?

(Laughs) Nah, not at all. I hate that shit. I just want somebody every once in a while to be like, “Bitch, shut up!” (laughs). And I’ll tell them the same thing. And it’s cool, we don’t get all emotional and all that stuff. I just want to be able to kick it, have a good time and not care.

So you prefer the more aggressive approach to the sensitive one. Is the same true in the bedroom?

Yeah, I want you to pull my hair, I want you to— I love rough sex (laughs).

Do you return that aggression or just take it?

It depends on the mood. But you give me that (control) and yeah, I’m taking over (laughs).

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