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Photography courtesy of Shay Photography

REPS: Kansas City, MO

STATS: 34C-24-36

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “One highlight for 2010 was being pick to be one of the main girls in Chingy’s “Down ‘Through Thurr’ video. [But] the video hasn’t been released yet.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “My favorite rap group is UGK.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell, ‘Beautiful’. The director, Chris Robinson, did an amazing job.”

DREAM JOB: “I would love to work with Drake. He is one of the hottest artists out here. And, I love his video, ‘Find Your Love’. I love videos that are mini movies that make u wanna see more. Plus, seeing Drake on a mission for love and willing to put his self in danger was a nice twist.”

SEX APPEAL: “Sex appeal comes very natural to me. Every movement, look or even sound may seduce you when I’m not trying to do that at all. But my LL’s (Lips & Legs) and my seductive eyes get the most comments. They have a way of drawing my next victim in, I mean love.”

TURN-ON: “No. 1 tattoos; No. 2 nice smile; No. 3 confidence [with a] little cockiness. [My] ultimate fantasy would be redoing the Idlewild scene when Percival Jenkins (Andre 3000) and Angel Davenport aka Sally B. Shelly (Paula Patton) are in the thunderstorm and they are both soaking wet! Love it, and now looking for someone to redo that scene [with]!”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @themswhite or themswhitetv

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