Jessenia Vice and XXL‘s Blind Date [Gallery]

XXL gave away a date with Miss Apple Bottom’s 2011, Jessenia Vice, last week. The lucky winner, Anthony. In light of their “blind date” to New York’s Amnesia Nightclub, XXL followed the hot couple from their 11:00pm meet-up to their awkward 4:30am goodbye.

To make the recap of their evening even more entertaining, here are over two dozen visuals Blind Date-style. Scroll through a night of random meetings, awkward hugs and inappropriate touches. Don’t hate.

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Photography courtesy of Amber McKynzie

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  • bubba 219 crazy

    let me get a night with u and ill do sumthing strange 4 sum change of heart and give me sum attn yadigg

  • Dead President

    hahaha yeah she bangin good one brother u get to take her home playa ??

  • Magister

    In pic #25 she gave dude the church hug. When chicks give you the church hug they’re not trying to holla. LOL