Brittney Leilani: “Sex With Me Is A Lot Of Fun…Like Heaven.”

One could say Brittney Leilani is inhibited. Here, the half Colombian, rest Cherokee Indian, Portugese and Black video and print model from Houston fills in the blanks with XXL, leaving very little to the imagination. Ms. Leilani says she has a thing for her own breasts. Eye Candy fans will too.

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The craziest thing about Houston is how so many people are here, but that it feels like a small city. You run into everybody you know all the time.

My favorite movie of all time is Snatch. I liked the style of the movie.

My favorite television show is Dexter. I like that it’s suspenseful.

A place I’d like to visit is Ibiza. It’s a place I’d love to party.

Right now I have a credit card in my purse and money in my pocket..

A secret itch that I’d like to scratch is I’m doing it now. I take a strip aerobics class. I’ve been taking it for about four months now. It gets pretty hot. You start off at Level 1 and you get to Level 6.

I’m sexy because I was born this way. I’m naturally sexy.

On an ideal first date, I’d like to be shown a good time, I guess. Dinner is good, anything fun is good, anything outdoorsy is good.

To impress me a man has to know how to dress. That’s an important thing for me.

Sometimes I get compared to let’s see…I’ve gotten Alyssa Milano, Jessica Alba. Those are good girls.

My dream date would be with some sexy GQ model. I don’t really have any celebrity crushes anymore. I think the guy who played Captain America is cute.

Being felt up, a guys hands on me and having my hair pulled turns me on.


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  • freakey toney

    she the finest and most talented I have seen on here in a minute. keep doing your thing

  • PeeGeorge


  • C-Clip

    Damn She Fine as Hell!!!

  • juice

    she fine ass hell forreal. type u let meet ur boys, ur pops and your dead grandpa

  • Da Critic

    I would love to see how fun sex is with Brittney.
    She has great breasts & nice frame.