Nya Lee: “Rough Sex is The Best Sex”

What are your turn offs?

Bad teeth, bad breath, smell bad. I don’t want him to look bad. If you smell bad or look bad, don’t come near me. You have to be very confident without being cocky. Some guys are too confident.

What’s the craziest thing that a guy has done or said to get your attention?

I was in Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day Weekend and this guy was trying to talk to me, and I kept ignoring him. He turned around like “That’s why you’re transvestite, you’re a man” and then on the Internet they have pictures of me and there’s a bunch of people accusing me that I’m a man. I think it’s from all the guys that I don’t pay attention to. I have a birth certificate that proves that I’m a woman. I had hair before I didn’t have this problem. There’s a lot of guys that disrespect me and tell me that I’m a man. But, I don’t see it. I don’t have any manly features. Being beautiful is a gift and a curse.

What’s the best thing about being beautiful?

You can swindle a situation. You can smooth yourself into different situations, whether it’s the club or going to work late because I used to dance. I use that [my looks] to my full advantage for checking into hotels late, checking out early.

What’s the worst thing?

With guys most of the time they just disrespect you if they don’t get no play. With girls the hate I get is extreme. So extreme, that in February, I got jumped by 9 girls. One of them came up to me like ‘You Nya Lee’ she offered me a drink and I turned it down. A couple minutes later, her friend just attacked me and I got cut. I got cut in my neck, 35 stitches. The hate I get from girls its really really bad, and I don’t get it cuz I’m a big jokester and I don’t take anything too serious. I’m 20 years old – no kids – I only have to take care of myself. I don’t have no worries. But I get a lot of bad hate from girls.

Are you a sucker for romantic things?

No, not at all. A lot of my friends – females and males – say I act like a dude because I can get over a guy quick, fast. I don’t really linger around over somebody that’s not really making me happy. I’m not that girl that let’s pussy run her life, meaning if I have sex with a guy I’m not a clingy type and I won’t get mad like, “You tryin to play me out.” “Nah get the fuck out.” I have no problem playin that role, that dominant role in the relationship.

Since you’re not a sucker for romantic things, what’s the key to your heart? How does a guy get through to you?

You have to be consistent because guys come at me left and right. My thing is you have to be consistent. With consistency it has to be something that I feel like you wouldn’t do for the next chick. You have to show me things that I feel like “He’s only doing it for me” or “He’s really putting in time and effort”. You have to take out time and effort to get with me.

I’m on the street, I see you across the street and you catch my eye and I want to talk to you. How do I go about it?

If you’re driving don’t holla at me out the car. Just come up to me nicely and introduce yourself like I seen you. Don’t be disrespectful. Just come up, ‘Hey how you doing, you caught my eye.’ But I barely speak to anybody in the street. Even if Jesus came up to me in the street I’m always on the go. The best way is to be nice and respectful and if I turn you down, you don’t know, I might see you in a club and be like “Hey what’s up’ and I might have time then. So, If you disrespect me and mess it up, then you don’t know in the future, I’m going to be, “Oh like I’m not fucking with that nigga, he disrespectful.’

Do you like to take control or do you want your man to dominate in the bed room?

A little bit of both, 50/50. It just depends on how much liquor I had that night. It depends on how much liquor I had or how much weed I smoked. I’m one the few models that will admit that I love weed. It keeps me sane in this crazy world.

What’s your favorite position?

My favorite positions are doggie style and reverse cowgirl.

What do you like about them?

Anything to do with my butt. I think I have the most perfect butt in the world. It’s natural, it’s not too big, it’s not small, and the ass to waist ratio is sick. So anything to do with my butt, that’s my best feature. When I’m in bed I like to show it off.

Craziest place you’ve had sex?

Outside a movie theatre in the car.

How important is Foreplay for you?

Very important. If you don’t know how to get me turned on and aroused I’m not going to get in the mood. The mood has to be right. I like gentle kisses and everything. Foreplay, I like to be gentle but once we get down to it I like it rough.

Who’s you’re celebrity female crush?

Amber Rose, it’s so weird right? I just have this thing for her cause she bald like me. I’ve been bald for 5 years so It’s not like oh I wanna be like Amber Rose. So I have a crazy crush on her cause she like the only other bald girl I’ve every seen that look good, like I good with a bald head. A lot of girls are trying it, but not workin it.

Rough sex or sensual sex?

Rough sex is the best sex. You have to be creative with rough sex, romantic sex is like slow and you can think about your next move. With rough sex, it could be fucking in the bathroom and end up in the kitchen and fucking bent over somewhere like the cabinet. So like rough sex, it’s more creative.

Sex on the beach or a sex on the Beach?

A Sex on the Beach. Sex on the beach is messy. I’ve never did it. But just tanning on the beach is messy to watch. So, just interacting sexually on the beach has to be messy. I’ve never did it and don’t think I’ll ever do it either. I’ll take the Sex on the Beach drink.

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    Damn, she’s ugly. I wouldn’t go near that man.

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      I was thinking the same thing (need to get a lineup). Grow some hair and I’d be on that.

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    Put a wig on B and Id holla!

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    Not to be rude but you do favor a dude. but you have a nice body.. bet models these days thanking god photoshop exists..

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    Very nice looking young lady

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    maybe if ya’ll stop suckin amber rose so hard yall coulld see this bitch look better then her…more power to women of color

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    Now that is a sophisticated sexy look that fits her well !! Definitely appreciated by the more mature !!

  • http://www.KingsBattlefield.com KarL Erikson

    Now that is a sophisticated and sexy look that fits her well , definitely for the more mature !!