Nastassia Smith: Nas is Like

What is the perfect date for you?

The perfect date is basically having fun. I like to go out and do different things. We can go to Six Flags ,we can go bowling, just things of that nature.

What part of your body do you admire the most?
My eyes. I get a lot of compliments on them.

Do you like to be in control or do you like your man to run things in the bedroom?

A little bit of both. Like I said I like them to take control. I like the biting and stuff like that. But just a little bit of both.

The rough stuff? What’s that about?

I just like it. Just don’t restrain me. I don’t like to be restrained or handcuffed and stuff like that. The choking is Ok.

What’s your favorite position?

I don’t have one. I like them all

Ultimate Fantasy?

The beach.

We do a theme call ‘This or That.’ Is it better to give or receive?


Size of the boat or motion in the ocean?


Candle light dinner at home or a night on the town?

Candle light dinner

Comedy or scary movie?


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  • kidnothing1

    Easily the best Eye Candy in months. XXL all the way for her!

  • asaad timbers

    yu already kno

  • r hamilton

    I just want to make her cum repeatedly. We do not even need
    to talk. just please each other and go on our way. safe sex all day…


    shut the fuck up bitch! your face is is what I like to call a san francisco 5 !! ya your bodys hot, but who the fuck do you think you are? your just another bitch from around the way who hetero sexual men want to fuck!! thats it bitch!! get a real carrier besides wearing skimpy shit! would i fuck? yes!! but shut the fuck up anyways!!


    On the real she is a average good looking girl who has been photo shoped and airbrushed. I bet you can’t even recognize her without the make up and camera tricks. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t hit because if you made eye candy chances are you have passed the cute enough to get it test.

  • Dead President

    ..nice, but XL

  • Ch*l*z

    Title track is timeless………still bopping my head every listen.