Kim Kardashian Looks Good With Or Without Makeout

Pretty face, thin waist, with a sick weave … and a sick backside!

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  • Kim K

    She’s a no talent, know nothing, lowlife, piece of crap, slut.
    What the fuck?

  • jayt

    who cares thats why its called ‘eye candy’


    • Kim K

      And this is the comment section moron.

  • pasthor goebbels

    she’s not just a slut, she’s a smart slut. that’s a good thing to some people you know.

  • Ninja Boi

    gotta gree with @jayt , WoW so many h8rz up in here….ignoring the fact that this is the “EYE CANDY”

    • Really?

      wow you spelt haters with a z and the number 8. You are like sooooooo cool. like totally. you probably misspelt the word because you were jerkin off so furiously. or maybe you’re trying way to hard to be cool, or you’re stupid. oh yeah it’s all of these things. You’re a Douche!