Double Dutchess, 45 Inches of Ass [Web Candy x Gallery]

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Photography courtesy of Marques Hullet

REPS: Jackson, MS

STATS: 36B-29-45

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Cover of Stunnaz Magazine in 2010. It’s the second magazine I’[ve] done.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “My favorite rapper is definitely Lil Wayne. His swagger is just futuristic, and he has mad talent. I mean he doesn’t even write his lyrics down. That alone is a gift.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Destiny’s Child, “Bills Bills Bills.” When I was younger, my cousins and I used to pretend we were them in that video. Of course, I was always Bey.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “I would want to be in a Chris Brown video. He’s so fine and I love to see him dance. It just brings all kinds of thoughts to my head.”

SEX APPEAL: “I have beauty and brains, [and] it’s time the industry make room for a fresh new face, killer body and 45 inches of ass. My most prized body part [is] my eyes. They’re so seductive and I love having eye sex!”

TURN-ON: “A light-skinned, tall, neatly shaped guy; especially if he has tattoos. [That gets] my panties soaked. He has to be God-fearing, educated and career driven. One fantasy of mine is to have sex on top of the car while it’s storming outside.”


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  • Sha

    Ok. Before all of you cats come online and start calling this chick a DIME let’s be clear about something…..

    Yes, shorty has ass for days!

    Yes, most cats would give their annual paychecks to hit that once!

    Her chest is kinda small AND saggy. Not a good look!
    That hair looks like some weave (low budget).
    And her facial features are BELOW average.

    I’d give her a 6 at most….
    But the fact still remains…. Shorty is not a 10! Not even close!

  • Da Critic

    I’d get her panties soaked and show her brain-washed ass what a dark brother can do!

  • antonio

    I enjoyed the 45 and all her other numbers

  • http://twitter froznstain

    double dutch is triply luscious. each picture on here is heavenly. no one touches her. xoxo

  • The Kid

    Disclaimer: Whoever Photoshopped this picture fucked up on the ass. I’ll keep my sexy average girls.

  • cream

    that bitch is fucking gross reall shit. wouldnt touch it with a 10 foot stick. period.

  • jMONEY

    shawty bad. mad luv

  • blueskillz

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Beautiful face, bangin body, and very intelligent! Great Pick XXL!! :o)

  • Al

    How the fuck do you know she is intelligent? Just from the pictures? You sir are a tool.

  • thaiexotic

    I love the feature! Dutchess looks beautiful! Great photos! Great body! Beauty + Brains!!!

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    shawty good to go…if you ain’t her position stop hatin and step yo’ game up.

  • Key

    She’s dumb Jay was not writing lyrics down b4 weezy and a hypocrite…how u gonna talk about your panties being soaked getting fucked on a car and then say your man has to be “GOD fearing” gtfohwtbs

  • LB

    Chris Brown needs to get this chic in his next video so he can tap dat azz…….alot of NBA dudes can get dat ass with no problem….especially if they’re “light-skinned”

  • big o

    she’s mad avg @ best


    I”m a redbone lover,but this darkbeat could get the business,if she took off that damnnnnnnn weave,I hate that shit!!!!

  • Fresh

    If you didnt want a light skinn bruh bruh then i would say your mrs. everyday i got to be wit. Cuz not gonna to lie but i would hit everyday 5 hours out the day.