XXL Counts Down VH1′s Hottest Girls

Love & Hip-Hop’s season finale airs tonight on VH1 and us men at XXLMag.com must admit we couldn’t keep our eyes off the lovely Emily Bustamante. Fab . . . you got yourself a winner there, homie. She gives a true meaning to the word ‘Niiiice.’ She can definitely style us anytime!

That said, we thought we’d take the time to look back on all of VH1’s reality show cuties throughout the years, including those from Flavor of Love, Real Chance at Love, For the Love of Ray J, Chad Ochocinco’s The Ultimate Catch and most recently Love & Hip-Hop. Wow, that’s a lot of loving.

And the final consensus at 1115 Broadway is that Ray J definitely had better taste than Flavor Flav, but that’s not to say the ultimate hypeman didn’t have some winning picks (i.e. Deelishis. Sorry, New York).

It wasn’t an easy task looking through hundreds of pictures to formulate a definitive VH1 Top 50 Chicks list. Arguments ensued, feelings were hurt and punches were thrown, but we got the job done all in the name of eye candy. God bless ’em all! —Mark Lelinwalla

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  • For-the-love-of-ray-j-2-trouble
    No. 50 Rachel "Trouble," For the Love of Ray J (Season 2)
  • KO
    No. 49 Roxanne "K.O." Gallegos, Real Chance of Love (Season 1)
  • Risky
    No. 48 Ebony "Risky" Jones, Real Chance of Love (Season 1)
  • real-chance-of-love-flirty
    No. 47 Amparo "Flirty," Real Chance of Love (Season 2)
  • Bootz
    No. 46 Larissa "Bootz" Aurora, Flavor of Love (Season 2)
  • Cali
    No. 45 Christine "Cali" Ly, Real Chance of Love (Season 1)
  • Classy2
    No. 44 Kaylana "Classy" Reese, Real Chance of Love (Season 2)
  • Exotica
    No. 43 Leila "Exotica," For the Love of Ray J (Season 2)
  • JustRight
    No. 42 Latoya "Just Right," For the Love of Ray J (Season 2)
  • krazy_heather-crawford2
    No. 41 Heather "Krazy" Crawford, Flavor of Love (Season 2)
  • Ryana
    No. 40 Earaina "Rayna" Mixon, Flavor of Love (Season 3)
  • Pocahantas
    No. Nancy "Pocahontas," Real Chance of Love (Season 2)
  • Evelyn-Lozada
    No. 38 Evelyn Lozada, Basketball Wives
  • Milf
    No. 37 Ahmo "MILF" Hight, Real Chance of Love (Season 2)
  • Leilene-Ondrade
    No. 36 Leilene "Smiley" Ondrade, Flavor of Love (Season 2)
  • atomicbomb
    No. 35 Jerri "Atomic Bomb," For the Love of Ray J (Season 1)
  • brittanya_o_campo1
    No. 34 Britannya O'Campo, Rock of Love Bus
    No. 33 Kelly Jay "Beautuful" Jenkins, Flavor of Love (Season 2)
  • Adorable-For-the-Love-of-Ray-J-2
    No. 32 Micaela "Adorable," For the Love of Ray J (Season 2)
  • Lava
    No. 31 Taneish "Lava," For the Love of Ray J (Season 2)
  • Mary-Cherry
    No. 30 Mary "Platinum" Cherry, For the Love of Ray J (Season 2)
  • MarciaBrazil
    No. 29 Marcia "Brazil" Alves, Rock of Love Bus
  • Serious
    No. 28 Cristal "Serious" Steverson, Flavor of Love (Season 1)
  • taya-parker-011
    No. 27 Taya Parker, Rock of Love Bus
  • gloria-govan-basketball-wives
    No. 26 Gloria Govan, Basketball Wives
  • shaunie-oneal
    No. 25 Shanie O'Neal, Basketball Wives
  • SoHood
    No. 23 Judith "So Hood" Scullark, Real Chance of Love (Season 1)
  • emma-casillas-ochocinco-ultimate-catch
    No. 23 Emma Casillas, Ochocino: Ultimate Catch
  • deelishis1
    No. 21 London "Deelishis" Charles, Flavor of Love (Season 2)
  • Unique
    No. 20 Danielle "Unique" Pastorino, For the Love of Ray J (Season 1)
  • Jaguar
    No. 19 Courtney "Jaguar," For the Love of Ray J (Season 2)
  • Mayamee
    No. 18 Angela "Mayamee" Pitts, Flavor of Love (Season 3)
  • SpanishFly
    No. 17 Shirley "Spanish Fly," Real Chance of Love (Season 2)
  • courtney-fisher2
    No. 16 Courtney Fisher, Ochocinco: Ultimate Catch
  • HotWings
    No. 15 Kamille "Hot Wings," Real Chance of Love (Season 2)
  • lhh_emily
    No. 14 Emily Bustamente, Love & Hip-Hop
  • Buckeey
    No. 13 Shay "Buckeey" Johnson, Flavor of Love (Season 2)
  • cashmere
    No. 12 Leah "Cashmere," For the Love of Ray J (Season 1)
  • johanna_cocktail_vh1
    No. 11 Johanna "Cocktail" Hernandez, For the Love of Ray J (Season 1)
  • candace_cabrera---4
    No. 10 Candance "Black" Cabrera, Flavor of Love (Season 3)
  • mz-berry
    No. 9 Connie "Mz Berry" Deveaux, For the Love of Ray J (Season 2)
  • skan419-monica-danger-leon
    No. 8 Monica "Danger" Leon, For the Love of Ray J (Season 1)
  • rubi-pazmino-ochocinco-ultimate-catch
    No. 7 Rubi Pazmino, Ochocinoc: Ultimate Catch
  • luscious-elle-navarro-for-the-love-of-ray-j-03
    No. 6 Elle "Luscious" Navarro, For the Love of Ray J (Season 2)
  • Hoopz-Sexy-Woman-Pose
    No. 5 Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander", Flavor of Love (Season 1)
  • Rabbit
    No. 4 Jessica "Rabbit" Rich, Real Chance of Love (Season 1)
  • Fiesty
    No. 3 Elizabeth "Fiesty" Mendez, For the Love of Ray J (Season 1)
  • caviar
    No. 2 Elizabeth "Caviar," For the Love of Ray J (Season 1)
  • 1_halie-eye-candy-gallery
    No. 1 Heather "Halie," Ochocinco: Ultimate Catch

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    Meh I’ve bagged better.

  • Magnetic

    What the fuck, y’all don’t have Joumana Kidd (Jason Kidd’s ex wife) from Pepa’s show, or “Show Me” the white girl who whipped that other chick the first night on Real chance of love 2

  • AY!

    Heather is one badddd chick!

  • realnigga

    #37 looks like a dude…..XXL y’all slippin

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Tshilidzi

    Sum i like…………..sum i don’t……..i won’t mind a fucc tho!

  • balaramesh

    sorry, myaamma crushes most of this chicks real easy. she gotta be in the top 10. can’t argue with the top spot. but shaine oneal?!? that broad dang near 40, man

  • Telemundo

    You’re kidding right? Feisty at number 3?

    • Dooley


  • Hoss

    Where are all the brownskin and chocolate women at?

  • http://halie305.com Heather

    Follow Heather on twitter @halie305

  • http://noun abed

    I love sex

  • Mel

    Junk should be number 1 and why she not on the list?

  • rolie

    Emily should atleast be top 5, hooooott

  • James

    Congratulations Court…No.19