Although she suffered a tough loss to Melyssa Ford in the second round of XXL’s The Baddest Chick in the Game Tournament, Tahiry José still maintains her spot as one of the most desirable vixens in hip-hop, not to mention one of the sassiest.

As if the numbers, 34-26-43 weren’t enough to make a grown man cry, the Dominican bombshell continues to prove why she is a big deal, a very big deal. Currently on the cusp of releasing an athletic wear line, among a number of other projects, the Harlemite is determined to become more than just a video vixen. recently caught up with Ms. José to discuss a range of topics including her business ventures, her future as video model, and of course her take on the VH1’s reality show, Love & Hip-Hop. — Ralph Bristout What have you been up to lately?

Tahiry José: I’ve been finishing with calendars then going and having my pre-release parties and I’m dealing now going back and forth with my athletic line for women. It’s called Fit By Tahiry Females In Training because I’m always in training. I’m not the pro, but I know it works in what I do and when I need to get ready. A lot of my fans ask me on Twitter what is it that I do to stay thick and not lose the booty and keep it all together. So, in doing that you know I teamed up with Angerwear and I’m coming out with like my Yoga pads, sports bras, tank tops, and something really comfortable and affordable for women to work out in.

XXL: When is that going to hit stores?

Tahiry: Well, right now we’re in the process of approving the last bits and pieces of everything that I want in it, so in about two months it’ll be probably ready.

XXL: Are you gonna appear in any hip-hop videos soon?

Tahiry: I just actually did a video, [DJ] Enuff has an artist. It’s French. Jobere is his name. He's a rapper. Jim Jones is featured and so is Pusha T. I just did that you know. Me and Enuff go back 10 years, so why not do that video. So far, I don’t know about hip-hop videos. I don’t really consider myself a hip-hop video vixen or a video girl to begin with. I’m more like a personality.

XXL: You did a couple though?

Tahiry: I did, absolutely. Of course, first video [was] 50 Cent; second video, Fat Joe and [Young] Jeezy. Of course I'ma do certain videos, but do I consider myself a video vixen? No.

XXL: What rap video wouldn’t you do?

Tahiry: : Anything that I have to drop it like it's hot, put it in a glass with oil. Like, I’m not the drop-it-like-it's-hot girl, I’m not the girl that you’ll ever catch in the tub just feeling herself. We good. I’m the girl with the mouth, but I just look good in a thong.

XXL: Have you seen Love & Hip-Hop on VH1?

Tahiry: Abso-fucking-lutely I’m a fan. I’m a fucking fan! Well first off, I’m a fiend, I literally just watch Reality TV shows. Second of all, it’s the first show that I think we have after Basketball Wives. I think that Love & Hip-Hop is the one show that people that love hip-hop and just like the whole urban thing [have]. We didn’t have anything, everything [is] Jersey Shore. You know, we don’t see them shows in the projects so we have Love & Hip-Hop. I believe every one of these girls [is] somebody [women] could relate to and their struggles. There’s always a chick at home and nigga doing what he doing, living the life and [she's] unhappy; and there’s always a chick who wants to be famous and drops everything to come to New York. You know, everybody has a story, so I’m a fan.

XXL: Would you appear on a show like that?

Tahiry: I thought about it while watching it. I’m having a problem with Reality TV shows period right now because it’s more about beefing. I mean of course everybody wants to see the train wrecks, we get it, you know what I’m saying. It went from being allowing somebody into your home and allowing people to see certain things, even if it's scripted somewhat, to now everybody’s fucking acting a fool and fighting and acting crazy. I think first episode, you speak to me a certain way, I think that that’s it, hello Bad Girl’s Club. So, would I be in it? It all depends. But, just follow me around and I have enough drama so I don’t even have to pretend.