Alexandra Joner: Six Things You Should Know [Gallery]

J.Cole deserves the credit for introducing us to Alexandra Joner, the natural beauty whose fresh face and refreshing attitude sweetens up his latest clip “In The Morning.” After the RocNation rapper dropped the video for the Friday Night Lights favorite (which also features Drake) on Valentine’s Day we all had the same question on our minds. Who is that? For the answer, check out our interview with the 20-year-old stunner below.  —Janeé Bolden

More Of An Around The World Girl Than Around The Way Girl

I live in Oslo, Norway, but I travel to the states a lot. I ended up in J.Cole’s video because he knew a Norwegian boy that I also know. He showed them some of the videos I’ve done and they called me two days before the shoot to ask if I’d come to Paris to do the video. The whole video was very laid back and I felt like I was in J. Cole’s crew. We had a lot of fun. It wasn’t awkward; it was a relaxed and fun shoot. We went out with Drake later and I had a blast.

Keeping It Classy

When they called to ask me to do the video I said, ‘I’m not gonna be naked whatsoever. I’m not gonna show any tits.’ They knew that, but for the last shot the director told me, ‘Yeah you don’t need the bra. If your breast ends up in the shot we just won’t use that part in the clip.’ I was like ‘Do you think I was born yesterday? That’s not happening.’

She Got It From Her Mama

My mother is Cuban and my father is Norwegian, actually half Norwegian, half Latvian if you want to be exact. I sing and dance. I’ve been performing since I was nine. It started with ballet, then I got into hip-hop when I was 14 and I stuck to that.I live with my mom now and she definitely pushes me. When she was younger she was a salsa dancer and she played the violin. I just got a manager here in Norway and we’re trying to find that hit single.

Turning Her On

What turns me on? Definitely confidence, and of course he has to be kind of good looking. It’s also a plus if he’s funny. I like to laugh and smile, that’s my thing. Just have some charm. He also has to have some style, not like fashion fashion, but have a nice swag. It’s a hardcore turn off if he doesn’t have any confidence and it shows. I kind of like the chase, but I also like being the one getting chased so it just depends, it’s not the same every time. My mom always told me to never date a musician because you’re gonna get your heart broken, but if I fell in love, I’d fall in love. I’m not closing any doors. The option is there. I’m a sucker for men of color with green eyes. I just started watching the season of “Grey’s Anatomy” where Jesse Williams joined the cast. Oh my God I love him.

A Lover Not A Fighter

[We tried to introduce Alex to the F*ck Marry Kill game using Kanye West, J.Cole and Drake as options. She quickly changed the rules.]
Kill? That’s so harsh. If we could just not have the killing… I would definitely marry J. Cole because he’s just very cute. Then either Kanye or Drake — probably Drake I would sleep with… or f*ck.

Watch Out World, Here She Comes

I love “Can’t Be Friends” by Trey Songz and Usher’s “There Goes My Baby.” I love Rihanna, I love Beyonce. Don’t ask me which I like better because they are two completely different artists! It’s hard to pick one. A lot of people say I look like Rihanna, but I don’t think so. I take it as a compliment though so when people tell me that I’m like ‘Okay. Thank You!’
I started to dance because of Missy Elliott’s videos. My favorites are probably older ones like “Work It” and “Get Your Freak On.” My dream is to sing and to take over the world with my music. I’m very ambitious. Watch out Beyonce.

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    She looks good but sounds like the only Black guys she would mess with are mulattoes.
    A lot of women of color from europe suffer from that.
    She’s attractive but not the best I’ve seen on this site.
    My opinion.

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    Pardon me sweetheart,I didn’t mean to offend.And I’m sure your beautiful as well.

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    you should follow her on twitter: @alexandrajoner

  • wola

    Follow her on twitter @alexandrajoner

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