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Photography courtesy of Mick Tobyn

NAMES: Chantelle and Sierra Henry

REPS: Toronto, Canada

STATS: 36D-26-29

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Going to Atlanta and doing Slim Thug ft. B.o.B’s ‘So High’ video , and Red Café ft. Diddy and Fabulous’ ‘Money, Money, Money’.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Lil Wayne because of all his tats, and the fact that he just doesn’t care what anyone has to say. He does whatever he wants. We also like Drake. He’s great lyrically, and is repping T.O. to the fullest, so you know we need to be behind that.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Anything Lil Wayne does. His videos always look like he’s having a lot of fun, and that what we’re about! Kanye West’s videos are also always good visually.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “To work with Chris Brown in some type of acting role because we would like to explore that field a little more. And of course he’s sexy!”

SEX APPEAL: “Our unique cultural mix. We are Portuguese and St. Lucian, so you get the best of both worlds, which creates an exotic look. And of course, we are twins so it makes it even better by doubling your visual pleasure. Our best physical asset would have to be our eyes. They say the eyes are the door way to the soul and we think they speak to our viewers.”

TURN-ON: “Sex in the middle of the ocean is definitely on the fantasy list – right when the sun’s going down. It’s mad sexy with the warm breeze all around you! A major turn on about the opposite sex is a big, strong man who likes to take control of the situation. And tats. As you can see, we have a few ourselves and we LOVE them.”

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