Rosa Acosta Has a New Friend in Amber Rose

Rosa Acosta and Amber Rose were recently seen together at a Los Angeles restaurant and they had no trouble hiding how they really feel about each other. has the footage for you to watch!


    Damn I need to be the meat between those two slices of bread.

  • Harrassdadon

    Yeah they both get it Raw!

  • T-Mac

    Rosa is fine as hell …. And can someone tell me who’s actually Amber Rose ? Kanye’s ex and …. ?

  • Dead President

    ..all i know is she an x stripper and ye’s x but why that make u famous i dont know. but both them hoes would get it most def

  • casper662

    That shit was just for publicity.If those two beautiful girls were actually getting down like that, they would have ACTUALLY KISSED! Just for the record, I would love 2 see those 2 girls in bed getting it on. I’d settle for just watching!!!

    • Rich-Porter

      Forget settling for watching. If I see them in bed getting it in, I’m jumping in that bitch bustin like Yosemite Sam.

  • arty

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