Flavor of Love 2: Where Are They Now [Gallery]

Deelishis Wins Her Man Over With Her Voice

London “Deelishis” Charles

What’s going on?

[Well], I found an interest in acting, so I did two films last year and one this year. [Last year] I filmed a comedy called Pawn Shop with Garret Morris and Joe Torry, and this year I did The Hottest Summer Ever Known. The Pawn Shop comes out early [this year] – it reminds me of “Friday.”

Do you have any more singles dropping in the future?

There’s a single now that’s out called “Be With U” and I’m a feature on that. The single is by Elijah Conner.

What’s going on with your love life? After Flav you were linked with Busta Rhymes. Are either of them still in your life?

I was with Flav and a lot of people wondered if it was real. I don’t know if… it was what it was. I was intrigued by his character, his personality, his television show, all of it you know. I liked him. That was the situation for me. However, it wasn’t as available to me as I thought it was. He wasn’t really honest. He had a girl that he had been with for years. So it started to unfold behind the scenes.

And what about Busta?

Busta was a person I met through the business. He helped me through a lot of things as I was growing in the entertainment and it just became a relationship. [It lasted] a little bit under a year.

So that was then, what about now?

[Now] I have a husband. It’s just been a year. And now I have an eight-month-old [daughter]. When my relationship with Busta took a turn for the left this guy was there, and he was pretty persistent as for being around me.

So getting back to your job. Have you talked to any of the girls from FOL2?

I stayed very close Buckeey and Bootz. Bootz is on the other side of the world and she got married and had two babies, so a lot of times I would be more so with Buckeey. And Buckwild and I are still cool and Safari and I are still cool.

Okay, and I know Buckeey was filming I Love Money 3, were you a part of that too?

Yeah, we were very close on that show. But they’re working on scheduling a date for us to re-film [the show] because we had filmed [it] and unfortunately one of the contestants fled to Canada and killed himself [after] he killed his wife. [He], and that wouldn’t [have been] in good taste for them to actually air that.


[But] I Love Money 3 would’ve had you guys on the edge of your seat just like the “Flavor of Love” did. [It] would’ve been the most controversial of all the “I Love Moneys.”

Anything other shows aside from I Love Money 3?

[VH1] came to my Husband and [I] and asked us about doing a new show. So long as it doesn’t put my children in a bad light, we’re gonna do it. [It’s] based on my career after Flavor of Love.

So it’s safe to say the rumor that you retired isn’t true?

I don’t want people to think I retired. I didn’t retire. I’m still me, I’m still Deelishis.

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