REPS: London, England

STATS: 34DD-27-38

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: “Photo shoot with 50 Cent, cover girl for the UK’s leading urban magazine CandyMagUK, Vol.4, and Body C Model for an Urban U.S. novel TAKA.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Toni Braxton. I have always loved her. Her music is inspiring to me, [and] I can always relate to her songs with everyday relationships. [Her music] also makes you realize you’re not the only one going through certain situations life can bring.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “50 Cent’s 'Candy Shop.' It’s got a wide selection of females in lingerie, need I say more.”

DREAM JOB: “My dream job would be to be in a video directed by Hype Williams. I think his creativity is amazing. His concepts are so out there, but he manages to still keep the focus on the artist. I think working with him would be so challenging but definitely rewarding.”

SEX APPEAL: “I bring sexiness to every shoot no matter what theme. From the outfits I wear to the poses, I know how to give the readers what they want."

TURN-ON: "My ultimate fantasy… Hmmm, too naughty to tell!”

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Photography courtesy of Koshmo Photography and Femelle Studios

Photography courtesy of Koshmo Photography and Femelle Studios