REPS: San Diego, CA

STATS: 36C-28-43

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Showcasing my own collection at a local fashion show, MTV’s Room Raiders, SHOW WebGem, and talent escorting Talib Kweli and Cindy Birdsong of The Supremes at the MTV Movie Awards.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Ludacris has always been my favorite, but I must rep where I was born—New Orleans. Lil Wayne is a beast and I swear Nicki Minaj is his clone in a female’s body. I can listen to “Roger That” and “My Chick Bad” on repeat while doin’ the Stairmaster all day!”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Ciara feat. Ludacris ‘Ride.’ She expressed my personality perfectly! A lil’ hood, yet sexy as hell! Her body is sick and her dancing skills are phenomenal. She can make a wifebeater and jeans look amazing. Poor Luda will probably dream about Ciara’s legs for the rest of his life.”

DREAM JOB: “First and foremost, to be an art director for a major publication. My background consists of styling, fashion, and art, and I feel this career will allow me to express my creativity. When it comes to videos, I’d like to play a lead role in an OutKast or Jaime Fox video. Their videos always tell a story like a mini-movie. So that means I wouldn’t have to clap my ass the entire segment!”

SEX APPEAL: “Men love my sense of humor, big smile, big lips, big thighs and big hips. That’s where the nickname ‘Big Red’ came from. Besides the physical qualities, I’m an amazing lover who always aims to please. Although I am currently single, you can ask any ex boyfriend of mine and they’ll admit almost every night felt like their birthday. After a long day at work, you’ll come home to a naughty schoolgirl strip teasing to R. Kelly in the living room!”

TURN-ONS: “Excellent hygiene. Men, always wash your ass and balls. [Laughs] But seriously, good hygiene lets me know you take care of yourself. Next to smellin’ good and being goal-oriented, I’m a sucka for height and muscles with tats. Oh, and that line that goes from the hip to the groin area drives me wild! Show me a man with these qualities who can make me laugh, inspire me, and satisfy me sexually and I’ll marry him ASAP.”

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Photography courtesy of Christian Arias of Slickforce Studios

Photography courtesy of Christian Arias of Slickforce Studios

Photography courtesy of Christian Arias of Slickforce Studios