You say you want more out of your pinup girl. Now that she’s in front of you, let’s see if you can handle her.

There were only half a handful of new video models that made a significant impact in ’07. Of the few names that did tinkle a bell, Dollicia Bryan is one. Last year, the Portland, Ore.–raised cutie and her lady lumps were seen next to an array of artists, no matter stature or size: heavyweight rappers (50 Cent’s “Amusement Park”), middleweight R&B singers (Chris Brown’s “With You”), lightweight rappers (Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar”), featherweight rappers and R&B singers (Bow Wow and Omarion’s “Girlfriend”). But none would’ve gotten served if she hadn’t landed her very first feature as Blair Underwood’s pampered yet impressionable wifey in Joe’s “If I Was Your Man” vid. “I wasn’t even supposed to do [the video], but the original girl was doin’ a photo shoot, and her hair got too close to a flame and caught on fire,” tells the Italian and Black pinup. “So Kedar [Massenburg] was having lunch with a friend of mine and told him that he needed another girl for the video. My friend said he had the perfect girl.”

From then on, Dollicia’s cell phone has been on fire. No management––just a hustler’s drive that’s assisted her career ever since she first modeled for Antonio Ansaldi in the IceBerg store almost a decade ago. Talk to the mother of one and you’ll learn there’s so much more to her equation than 34C-25-40. You’ll hear her humor, when she remembers the ribbing she received for her kissing scene with Omarion (“I got a lot of late-night phone calls, like, ‘Oh, you like kissing little boys, huh?’”). You’ll learn that she has as much candor as she does curves, when she explains her breast lift (“I wanted to breast-feed because it makes your child more intelligent, and [my breasts] weren’t as perky [afterward] as they used to be, so…”). But you just might be floored when you hear her pretty lips discuss her wanting to help World Vision aid Darfur, Sudan (“Things are so bad now that all the [female camp workers] that were helping out were getting mobbed, raped and killed for their allegiance”).

Guaranteed, of all the topics you’ll address with Dollicia, none will evoke more passion than her rising acting career. With a couple of straight-to-DVD movies on the horizon––the comedy See Dick Run and the thriller 1100, which will star Reagan Gomez and Sticky Fingaz––she’s taking baby steps toward becoming a full-grown thespian. “My dream role is something extreme,” says the superstar-in-training. “I loved Charlize Theron in Monster. She was such an ugly character, but when she walked the red carpet for that movie, she was killing the game, which lets you know it’s not about just being a movie star—it’s about the art.”

But if you are lucky enough to converse with the Aquarius, make sure you’re on point, because she could easily make you the next subject and hit you with: “I think it’s really unfair how men want a woman with a perfect body, and a lot of them don’t even work out. They just wear baggy shirts, like we don’t want a sexy body. What’s up with that?”