Almost 400 days ago, life for London Charles was nothing compared to the dream she’s living today. After surviving five weeks taping the second season of VH1’s lotto ticket Flavor of Love under the moniker Deelishis, the scrumptious victor has long since said goodbye to her “pretty simple” schedule.

Interestingly, the former State Farm Insurance agent arrived at this point rather simply—sitting home in Detroit every Sunday, tuned into the first season of her eventual employer. It was during the show’s reunion episode that she heard opportunity knocking. “They asked, ‘Do you feel you’re a better fit for Flav?’ So I went online, answered the three questions posted and e-mailed ’em my picture. They called me back the very next day.”

Damn VH1’s three-query quiz. Deelishis’ photo must’ve been the main catalyst in her landing on television. Her measurements are 36C-26-46, which makes her body as devilishly mean as the three 6s that help form it. But why would you put all that sweetness in the mouth of a 48-year-old man with a diabetic gene? “Flav made me laugh, and he always took me on great dates,” she defends. “I’ve dated attractive men who couldn’t provide the company that Flav provided. Plus, I think he has a thing for Detroit women. I am the second winner from Michigan.”

Whether dating a middle-aged man who frequently sports gold teeth and a large clock makes sense or not, Deelishis’ relationship didn’t make it to 2007. According to the Capricorn, once F.F.’s seventh child was delivered, shit was a wrap. “I got a call from Flav’s manager, not Flav, telling me [his child was born], so I knew I was in the red zone. He called me three days later, but I knew something was up. I asked him if he was interested in her, because initially he said it was just a fling he had in Vegas. But he told me he wanted to see what would happen between him and the mother, for the sake of the child.”

eye-candy2.jpgLife goes on, and fortunately for Deelishis, her lifestyle is still lucrative. Fame has earned her nice paydays for nationwide party hosting (“I think it’s sexy that I’m approachable”); a leading role in the new Paul Wall video “Break ’Em Off” (“Paul’s like family”); her own denim line, D-Cut (“It’s the cut that will change your strut and give you that butt”); and attention from gossipmongers, who claim she’s dating another veteran rapper, Busta Rhymes (“He’s a good friend of mine”).

Regardless, this Motor City mommy loves the attention—even if it’s mostly for the fluffy set of cheeks without the adorable dimples. “I like my derriere,” she says, smiling. “It’s all natural and definitely an attribute of being a sister. Before, it was something you had to cover up or you weren’t a face on TV. So I embrace my backside.”

Being the Eye Candy aficionados that we are, it’s our responsibility to ask: Since your name is Deelishis, what flavor ice cream would best go on top of your cake? “Well, French vanilla is my favorite, so I’ma go with that.” Tastes like a match made in heaven.

------- See more pics of Deelishis in XXL’s June 2007 issue (#92)