Eye Candy
Sheryl K.


For almost a decade now, we’ve coated these pages with candies of almost every shape and cup size. Although we’re the Baskin-Robbins of publishing, it’s recently come to our attention that there’s a certain flavor we haven’t poured for your plez-jour (that’s pleasure, simpleton). Enter XXL’s very first Indian Eye Candy, 21-year-old Sheryl K. Born in Saudia Arabia to South Indian parents and raised in Suffolk, Long Island, since age three, this Middle Eastern sunrise has enhanced videos such as Juelz Santana’s “The Whistle Song,” the Notorious B.I.G.’s posthumous single “Nasty Girl (Remix)” and Jamie Foxx’s “Unpredictable.” Now that her feet are wet, she’s ready to soak the rest of her 34C-22-36 body in vanity waters. “I haven’t found my niche, but I have potential to do anything in modeling,” she says. “A lot of people have told me I’m a lottery ticket that I just have to cash in.”

While you can catch Sheryl on Stony Brook University’s campus wrapping up her senior year as a bio premed student, you just might enjoy watching her floss her off-shoulder green dress and irresistible smile in Nas’ current video, “Can’t Forget About You,” a tad more. Interestingly, this visual princess’ latest appearance is a career highlight. “I was pretty disenfranchised with rap, so getting to work with such a classic artist like Nas was the best,” she beams. “I’ve never been starstruck before, but I went stupid on him. [Laughs] I had the camera and Sharpie for him to sign my Stillmatic [album].”

eye-candy2.jpgDon’t let Sheryl fool you. She may be a backpacker at heart, but her ethnicity kept her from being a heartbreaker as a teen. Raised by strict old-school Indian parents––who wouldn’t allow her to wear shorts above the knee until high school––Sheryl was a sheltered child. Though she’s of U.S. legal age, her adult life is still monitored quite closely. Imagine an American lifestyle pleasantry like dating being viewed by your parents as taboo because courtship has no purpose in their world. “In Indian culture, it’s pretty customary to have an arranged marriage, so it makes having relationships very difficult,” she tells, before revealing her unwavering Leo side. “But I have my own morals and values, and I’m not gonna let anybody infringe on me with their customs.”

There’s a famous adage that goes, “One dime’s rebellion is another man’s gift.” That’s a lie. That adage was just made up two seconds ago. But it’s still true in Sheryl’s case. She’s gorgeous from head to toe, with sweet curves and edible skin, has been damn near caged her entire life (think preacher’s daughter!), and, on top of it all, has got a jones (pun intended) for hip-hop lyricists. This kitten is almost unreal, and she knows it. Just ask her how much maintenance she gives her blessing of a body, and an immediate “nada” will follow. “I think it’s pretty cool that I have such a flat stomach and I don’t ever work out,” she says, before addressing the haters currently headed her way. “Hey, it’s the genes. Hate my parents.”

——- See more pictures of Sheryl K. in XXL’s April 2007 issue (#90)

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  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Niiice. How much?

    • stephanie

      how much? for your information, women are not just objects of sex and they are not for sale and you do not talk about them as if you are referring to simply buying a cat. If you were properly educated then maybe you would know that. She is beautiful but also has been airbrushed like all of the others, and this world should make room for beautiful women WITH REAL TALENTS, like smart, singers, songwriters, actresses, authors, mathmeticians. etc… yes we can do it and with style. How about we put you up for the sale on the internet? oh no…. thats what i thought…. have some respect guys come on

  • reppinthaTank

    this girl is hooooooooooootttttttttt!

  • derfla the hus’la

    lol @ bol what was that a reflex?…….

    neway mama is fine ass hell the second shot is seeeexy

  • G’dep

    girl has beauty brains and a good taste in music stillmatic! , my kind of girl coz after some wild sex we can talk about rewind. nah mean

  • Knowledge Speaks

    Exotic. Good shit XXL.

  • nessnice

    now dats da badest bitch ive seen this year!!!

  • Cuban Link

    she kinda looks like the bitch from season 1 of the Wire D-Angelo meets in the strip club and starts dating.

  • wow

    Yes I oh girl a wild ago. She is definitely a beauty.



  • jacquez
  • reemleakthagreat

    damn she iz bangin now dats offical

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  • $$$BIG BALLA$$$


  • http://www.myspace.com/pizomuzik Pizo

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    get at me

  • StillWreckin

    she fine as hell!!!!!!!!!!

  • atlwhty77

    yes sir she is off the radar, I wish my girl looked like that. Yo for real them foreign chicks is lookin better and better nowadays, maybe they shoulda came to America along time ago, lol.

  • Green Eyes

    Pretty Girl Smart seems like keep lsitening 2 ur parents these streets shouldn’t raise ya!

  • Green Eyes

    Pretty Girl Smart seems like keep lsitening 2 ur parents these streets shouldn’t raise ya!

  • Ny TiLL Da EnD

    She looks ight…..Fuckable lol

  • Dave

    She airight; she average, but hey what ever floats yo boat.

  • ballllllliNN

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  • ballllllliNN

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  • http://aol.com Jlew911

    Best eye candy I have seen yet on here! I’m a female and will admit the girl is gorgeous!!

  • http://aol.com Jlew911

    This girl is gorgeous!! Looks better than most of the eye candy on here!

  • yoyoyo

    she is beautiful, smart, what else can you ask for? thank God she wasnt raised like a hoe…i give her 5 stars

  • ahalle5

    She looks like Halle Berry…Just a little bit..I wish I had her belly!!!

  • ROC

    Dave, what da fuck you talking about she average. This chick the baddest eye candy yet. She look way better than the rest of these dog-face blind candy in here. I know you have bad taste to say some shit like that.

  • Stax On Deck

    Now Thatz Beauty….

  • http://VGJY P.I.M.P



    now that’s beauty

  • sexyblack

    she is pretty. but she aint all that i think lashonte is the prettiest eye candy i have seen, well its damn sure she looks waaaaaay better than hoopz. oh and bria is real pretty too.

  • http://soundclick.com/youngmonsta Young Monsta

    DAAAAMn this girl is sooo finne i’d fuck her every position, them indian girls are looking better and better these days.
    All day every day….fuckin crazy intense sex..me and her.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Shamir

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  • Dade County 305

    num 1 EC!!!! smart,pretty & cool. raised by great parents. get ya paper young woman but dont let game raise u.ur too smart get played. i wish more woman were like her. im not talkin about the looks. its all about bn smart too!!! big ups 2 xxl.its goin 2 hard 2 top her. she has everthing a man want n a woman.

  • http://none Leonel

    that bitch is fine

  • sedmos

    thats why India has the best looking women and winning record at Miss World and Miss Universe

  • da_realting


  • http://google the k1ng

    see i usually dont chop indianz but that g is nice styll id merk that it the nicest indian gurl i seen lol


    She Fine

  • jkilla

    chick is fly as hell but the fact that she’s a hip hop head makes her that much sexier

  • http://google rock

    she fine as hell

  • coolcat

    That chick is bangin she is the real deal.Damn!!

  • Young stunna

    when indian chicks r fine they r really fine but when they aint they nastyyyyyy. brown pride!

  • Young stunna


  • JT

    yeah i agree with young stunna, either they r hot or not. this girl is fine as hell

  • kies of ps

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  • Black SuperMan

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  • Mrs.Jonez’s

    She is mad pretty but i really havent seen her in any videoz!

  • http://www.myspace.com/theanticorp SONNY CHEEBA

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  • ROC

    black super man you are tha nastiest muthafucka that’s ever been posted. Now Why would a beautiful girl like sheryl would ever be posted in that garbage you put up. Those bitches are ugly, not ugly but fugly. Pretty ladies wouldn’t lower themselves to that filfty shit. They go to hollywood or something. And they don’t have to shake their ass for these hoe ass rap videos they’re to beautiful for that. Niggaz like you and sonny would go for anything. You think these rappers would marry these type of hoes and give them the world? Shit.

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  • Price Of The South

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  • Do I No Me?

    I’ll would luv to have one nite with her

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    the bitch should have been in the GAME video,cause she use to STRIP at the SCENE in long island…

  • http://myspace.com/makboi Makcity

    she cool,but I say that the xxl eye cany could’ve done better check out joanna sheri,now she is a beautiful(I think the girl is mixed wit something )

  • Optimus Prime

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  • My My Mia

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  • Kdawg

    My god, this is the hottest babe I have ever seen! What is her last name?

  • jusabrudda

    Yo Nas

    Kelis or Sheryl

    what its gonna be?

  • fabiola

    shes indian why havent i seen a white eye candy yet just curious youall lol

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  • Siege

    I’ve seen her in other magazines b4 even though she isn’t really thick she’s bangin as hell

  • stonner24

    she’s fire like all the eyecandy in this mag.keep up the good work.

  • i.e.rep

    she’s hott.

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    damn, does anybody feel like this beautiful woman appears to be Halle Berry’s little sister???

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  • Simma

    She looks like an Indian Jessica Simpson

  • S-Dot

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  • Reds

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  • sahdiya the latina


    February 27th, 2007 at 1:22 am

    pass as a black person you see her silky str8 hair its kinda like mine but no way she looks like a darkey

  • Iron Spire

    I feel like a dude hu just came out of a fifthteen year bid, I WANNA FUCK HER RIGHT NOW!

  • Killadad

    Dam that skin seems so soft! I would catch a plane just to see how soft.

  • http://www.xxlmagazine.com lalaya

    she ok she is pretty but please niggas stop dying over the girls on here for all u know they could be goldiggers or stuck up bitches

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  • Dave

    Yeah she avearage. Most Black men have so much self-hate that they will big up decent looking non black women like they all that. the chick isn’t. She decent by hardly nothing to drool about. Which is why these Non-Black women market themselves to stupid niccas and get paid. You don’t see white men and other races of men drooling over them. This women is ok, nothing more

  • Dave

    Yeah she average. Really look at her face. Why you think all thses non Black women market themselves to Black men? Because they most of us are some self haters and will big up the most average looking chicks another race got to offer. You don’t see any other races going crazy over thse so-called beauties, yet Black men don’t mind being pimp and not even by other races’ finest women. We drool over some of the plainest women-just becuz she showing some skin and fluffying up her natural straight her. This girl’s face is not a beauty, she’s plain.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=12582 kazil

    damn u dont see many fine ass indian girls, i’d have to hit that shit

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  • Educated

    It seems to me that the men that post on this website are either uneducated or unmannerable, with the number of bitches I heard in these comments I am guessing both! As a person from the South I have never heard such abusive language to discribe a woman, but when you grow up without a father and allow BET to raise you up what can you expect? These women are consistantly being objectified and giving the woman in our community a false since of beauty as well. I can see why so many educated African-American women are single, unmarried are will never be married; at least not to a black man. After reading these comments on this model, it is clear that she is educated. No one who posted has the creditals to step to her. A friend of mine asked me were are all of the black men at? I have a new answer for her…”on XXL eye candy post writting the only essay they ever will in their lives”!!!! No wonder Imus called us “NAPPY HEADED HOES” Look where he got it from…XXL!!!!

  • http://xxl.com jerseysmooth1966

    hey educated, that was a wake up post right there!!! as much as i love my black women, i could never refer to them as bitches, and hoes. especially the ones who carry themselves, as women should. i commend you my sister from the south, these young men need to realize that when they call black women these derogatory names,their calling their mothers the same thing, because they came from a black woman.

  • red

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  • deezzle

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  • http://blocksavvy.com/moneybaby malina

    she is pretty. has a good body too im so jealous! and i am so sick of the dogs on here talking like she is nothing more than a piece of ass. the girl has brains and beauty. they need to learn how to treat women like the queens they are.

  • losSouljah

    gotta show some love to this woman for holdin it down for the Mid East girls.

  • http://www.moe@moe@aol.com big moe

    She ready she can definately get it from top to bottom.

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  • 504

    She’s an Angel bless her soul!

  • bauedo

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  • MiqZ

    Yes a Cutie.
    come see me in amsterdam,

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  • Egypt

    RANDOM …..
    in the Indian world, she would be BELOW average…google “Aishwarya Rai” and see what they deem as attractive. Compared to black females with weaves, she seems refreshing since her hair is real. She is average at best with lighting, make-up, and styled hair. Her confidence is due to a video with NAS & XXL giving a different “quota” some shine.
    Bottom line, SHE IS NOT EYE CANDY.

  • Egypt

    RANDOM …..
    in the Indian world, she would be BELOW average…google “Aishwarya Rai” and see what they deem as attractive. Compared to black females with weaves, she seems refreshing since her hair is real. She is average at best with lighting, make-up, and styled hair. Her confidence is due to a video with NAS & XXL giving a different “quota” some shine.

  • http://shadow.com $$SHADOW$$