Honey Dip

75ec1_sm.jpgWhen you think of a murder capital’s female population, rarely do attractive models come to mind. Ten piece Clayanna Warthen, 20, reps New Jersey’s homicide central, Camden, but her features are the opposite of her seedy hometown’s.

It could very well be her diamond-in-the-dirt make up, which garnered her the first notch on her video belt. You first saw Clay as a femme scam artist in Cassidy’s “I’m a Hustla” (hustla dance and all). Backed by Will Smith’s assistant Charlie Mack, she has since landed in several of your favorite ’05 videos. She shook the shit out of Adam Sandler’s car in Nelly’s “Errtime,” posed as Ms. Toronto in Ludacris’ “Pimpin’ All Over the World,” hugged the block in Young Jeezy’s “Soul Survivor” and flirted with Styles in “Can You Believe It.

Each video featured Clayanna’s flawless, cream-coated skin, downpour of wave-n-curl black hair and lingerie-craving proportions. Though her facial features may appear Latino or even Native American, she insists there aren’t any immediate racial mixtures in her genes. “I am Black Black,” says the product of African-American parents. Still, love has managed to capitalize on her uniqueness, scoring a Smirnoff campaign (“I’m raspberry”) and a possible role in video director Chris Robinson’s movie Jellybeans, which stars T.I.

As much as ’Yanna enjoyed her rookie year in the music-video game, modeling is but one talent in her repertoire. Currently a junior at Richard Stockton College, with accomplishments beyond an average model’s, she’s headed toward a degree in criminal justice. “I took the LSAT when I was a sophomore, and did pretty good,” states the well-balanced Libra. “There were 10 law schools that I wanted to get into, and I did good enough to get into four. So in five years if I don’t have a multimillion dollar [modeling] contract, then I’m just gonna pursue my law career.”

75ec2_sm.jpgThough signing a print contract with Dolce & Gabbana would be a dream come true for the 5’6” cutie, her primary focus is becoming “the next Johnnie Cochran.” How does a beauty out of Camden, N.J., of all places, see the judicial system as the place to be? “Everybody in my family’s locked up,” she says, laughing. “But I’ve always been in touch with the law. Then I started reading law books because I’ve only been into self-help books. If it can’t help me, then I don’t wanna read it. I don’t wanna read The Coldest Winter Ever.”

Clayanna is definitely more than meets the eye. But when it comes to her pick of guys, who makes the call? The law student? The hoodstress or popular TV model? She answers to all of the above. While she’s liberal on dating in or out of the hood, she’s very conservative when it comes to her date’s pockets. Clayanna’s preference: more cash, less ego. “I can’t stand a guy that’s always bragging about what he got. The irony is that I attract most of those guys ’cause they look at me as some sort of materialistic girl,” she explains. “I don’t need a guy to support me, but you better bring something to the table. ‘I ain’t saying she a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ wit’ no broke niggas.’” [Laughs]

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  • Kurt

    She’s hot as hell. I want to go to Camden to see her. I only live 1.5 hours away.

  • sean

    damn she hot you did u thing

  • http://myspace.com/lifespleasure Vanesha

    Yeah homegurl is working it like no other…XXL get’s an A+ for that one.

  • http://www.alwaysopen365.com/dvdclub Mister Malik

    Is it just me or is XXL picking the same type of women to be the eye candy?

  • sean

    she koo she not the badset but she koo

  • aisha

    shit she look good no hate here

  • http://www.boxden.com Young Millz

    10/10 i would wife her


    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 10/10

  • http://xxl BIGG TEXX


  • http://hotmail.com bullion cube

    I’d straight give her a chili-dog
    yall don’t know bout that

  • http://XXLMagazine Ivory Coast

    She ain’t no ME! But fareal though, the pictures are slamming and the background and wardrobe are great.

  • thetruth

    shes cute

  • izzy

    damn she cute, is really full blood black you think

  • samantha

    Why is it that xxl always has to have mixed bitches in their magazine. I mean I’m not saying she’s ugly but to me she looks like everybody else. What happened to us black girls we look good too!!! The ratio for 100% black females to mexed females who are like 10% black in this magazine is like 10:1!!!! Tell me something isn’t wrong with that!!!! NOT BEING A HATER JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY—

  • Siege

    clayanna is beautiful and all but she doesn’t do it for me in my opinion she’s to skinny she should thickin up a lil bit

  • Yelloboy

    I’ll eat

  • Yelloboy


  • Eddie

    Yeah baby gurl got it goin in on shes hot as hell and sexi as anything holla back

  • honeydip


    if you actually took time to read the article you would’ve seen that she’s 100% straight black. but you didn’t and now end up looking like an idiot ranting about mixed girls.


    shes hella pretty almost look like me but my eyes are prettier

  • Baby D

    Clayanna, you are one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my life. Its also good to hear that your smart because we need more intelligent black women in this world.

  • Bantu biko

    To all the snitches,wiggas and white boys that talk like she aint`t the bomb
    ….Damm were is your dick gone she`s the shit and that`s it

  • http://nope mika

    she cool but she cant do it like o and aay yelloboy u need to holla at me u digg!




  • http://xxlmag.com shayogirl

    shes tyte.hard 2 believe shes full black though.
    how come dis mag doesnt put in really dark skinned babes?

  • moniee

    I think shes pretty but I know girls in philly that is better looking and got a crazy body

  • moniee

    but i will never hate

  • “Pretty D”

    She is Gorgeous without bein mixed jus straight Black i love that… Keep doin ure thing!!!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com “Pretty D”

    Jus Gorgeous!! Keep doin ure thang mami!!

  • chopped suey

    your beautiful

  • trinidad904

    clay…..see you on spring garden this summmer…the shots are sexy..you and vanna need to do something together.

  • http://hotmail.com bullion cube

    I would really love to take a dump on her chest & then rub it in. Or maybe a golden shower….

  • OH NO

    I’d eat as well

  • headz up


  • chad murry

    a headz up u hatin on on a female men shouldnt do that.. that chick is fine and smart ahh bra keep doin ur thing..


    am in love

  • MannieFresher

    shes UGLY

  • Sweet Lady

    She’s cute. But I’ve seen prettier. And yall know damn well aint nobody come out of africa lookin like that. She aint all black. Puhleessee

  • jerzeemami

    I went to school with this chick, first of all I knew she would be spread out like that cuz she was always lookin like a stripper at school.If you would see her in person you would realize she’s not much to look at but I guess that’s all she could of ever done with herself, and by the way she is very mixed, black people don’t look like that, let’s be real!!!!! The best of luck, jazz. They made you look pretty nice!!!

  • brittney

    i hate that… cuz im full black but everybody thinks just cuz im pretty that i gotta b mixed with something they always think im tai and black or asian and black or spanish but im not at all im full african american i just have light skin grey cat eyes ans small lips but every1 in my fam is black its just hereditary for us to have colored eyes and small features and plus not every black person is dark skinned so please dont come wit that shit

  • Papa Capz

    DAmn shez fine! she floatz mii boat! 10/10

  • Livin Legend 85

    she hot, it dont matta what race she mixed or whateva…everything alwayz gotta b racial…even tho i klown on white boiz for sayin thick women iz fat and ugly haha pussies.i love my black women and latino women. im mexican B!. hahaha holla at me

  • Ya’ll are stupid

    have any of you guys been to south africa? there are LOADS of women who look like her there! dominicans are black and have features just like her. so are panamanians, trinidadians, guyanese, cape verdeans…..man I can go on forever. just because you are not fully black does not negate being black. and yes she possible can be full black. she may have two different ethnicities- st lucian/ african- but her race is black. african american is not a race. please go reading is very fundamental. educate yourselves because everyone of you guys who made the black statment sounded very ignorant. a’ll are so stupid ya’ll probably dont even understand what i just wrote

    and the females who are hating are probably ugly as hell. and the males who are hating probably tried to holla and got rejected

  • http://www.chemistry.com L. Hennick G Phrost

    ERRRRT NIGGA, ERRRT that bitch is FUGLY


    She’s ok..need some more meat on dem bones though..go to the 40/40 on a saturday and find women lookin better then her..wit da backside

  • bayarea_mexican

    samantha Says:

    March 23rd, 2006 at 5:54 pm
    Why is it that xxl always has to have mixed bitches in their magazine. I mean I’m not saying she’s ugly but to me she looks like everybody else. What happened to us black girls we look good too!!! The ratio for 100% black females to mexed females who are like 10% black in this magazine is like 10:1!!!! Tell me something isn’t wrong with that!!!! NOT BEING A HATER JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY—

    get the fuck outta here with that shit, black women this and that quit that black power shit, mixed girls are something new and sexy, but she aint mixed

    this is the finest XXL eye candy

  • Brown Suga

    she’s pretty damn stop hatin !

  • Bayarea_mexican

    yup, i love her figure, being thick is overrated its good, but clayana has the best figure, nice sliky smooth legs, with nice abs and some hips, and a beautiful face

  • Asha

    As a woman born and raised in Camden, NJ, I was floored when I read the article by Bonsu Thompson about video model Clayanna Warthen. I am not knocking her hustle as a video model, but the article depicts Camden in a less than flattering light–frankly it was downright insulting. Many products of Camden are known for their brilliance, scholarship, business savvy & other redeeming qualities (not to mention beauty). Bad press like this gives people a reason to believe that everyone from Camden is an underclass, uneducated criminal. We need to defy these generalizations, because many of the children in Camden (and other underpriviledged communities) buy into these stereotypes (self-fulfilling prophecy). I was born in Camden and lived in the same house in Camden (with both parents) until I left to attend Spelman College (where my roommate was also from Camden). Currently, I am working on my Ph.D. at Temple University, and I can give you a list of plenty of Camden products who have and are continuing to excel in business and academia (as well as in their personal lives). Just remember that young people read your magazine and you have a responsibility to uplift them, not reinforce racist and classist stereotypes.

  • Ga HoE

    awwwwwwwwww skeet skeet damn dat girl is fire

  • Dunk-a-Fella

    Honey Dip is Dunkadelicious, another dime piece that represents The “Dunkadelic Era” In America, 1984-Present.

  • Yanna

    Mami, you are very sexy, and we have so much in common its crazy. I hope i get to meet you though, im sure you dont swing my way (im def a chick) but i know when you see me you’ll be attracted, its just will you act? I HAVE seen you a couple times, and you have eyed me, but i dont think it was in THAT way. i wanted to know if i see you again, would it be okay to come talk to you?
    PS-Dont me stealing my name!! :-) My name is Ayanna but everyone calls me yanna or yanni, joe right? :-)

  • Yanna

    PS- fuck these haters okay?? DAMN!! Can a beautiful woman claim her fucking decent?? And then yall would be hating like shit if she said she was mixed wit 10 different things, just like you wish you were! DAMN, get her dick out the back of your throat. You know whose ugly on here and whose not, cuz only ugly people hate okay?

  • Yanna

    Also, to yall talking about fuck the black power shit and all that? It is def time for our black women to come up in the game, cuz its SO fucking true that in order to be “beautiful” in america, you have top be mixed, or looked mix, how many dark sisters do you see on the front of magazines?? none? And that needs to change, now im light skinned, but i hate this stereotype of us mixed girls being bitchy and all this, and think we better than everyone else. I wake uop wishing everyday my hair was a littlebit thicker, and my skin a little darker. Why is this “look” considered pretty? Cuz its closer to white, and regardless of what people think, white people rule the world, which is fucked for every minority out there. BLACK POWER FOREVER!!!

    okay im done now :-)

  • http://www.myspace.com/salimaisphire Salima

    I loved her in I’m a hustla video the little dance was real cute!

  • http://xxlmag.com #1lesbian

    yeah yanna!!!!!!i agree, hell i look mix but i’m 100% black and rather be darker and prefer my girls to ooze wit chocolate, shit i need some color…anyways, da girl is very, very pretty but pretty don’t make up for da body and most of these”light skinned,long hair” girls don’t got enough for me!

  • http://xxlmag.com #1lesbian

    yeah yanna!!!!!!i agree, hell i look mix but i’m 100% black and rather be darker and prefer my girls to ooze wit chocolate, shit i need some color…anyways, da girl is very, very pretty but pretty don’t make up for da body and most of these”light skinned,long hair” girls don’t got enough for me!

  • http://www.sug.com Sugar

    Please Don’t hate on us red-bones.She a beauty.

  • New York Timez

    If this chick can pass for straight black that morgan freeman can pass for a chinese women!!

    That bitch is too pretty to be black.

  • sara

    she’s pretty

  • http://www.ratemybottom.com shae

    i agree its always the mixed chicks on this mag…but she is ver pretty


    black and beautiful


    tell this bitch 2 come back 2 the ghetto so me and the homies can bust a train on this bitch

  • Mann

    Shit I would fuck her raw then nut in her, she fine as hell

  • http://xxlmag.com lamont20006

    honey dip is fine as hell she’s needs to be in more music video’s

  • allnice

    Ehhhh, seen better chicks on the street. At least she not super overweight, but she don’t have nothing that stands out about her. Painfully average, she gets a 4.

  • Mrs.Jones

    She’s pretty



  • http://yahoo ali


  • Garbage

    She’s better lookin than overrated Buffy…

  • http://www.facebook.com bama




  • http://xxlmag.com #1lezzy

    come on…just a face!

  • ERIC


  • Wana

    Damn. That’s f@#ed up New York Times. Only women who are not fully black can be beautiful. You on that Willie Lynch. If a woman is beautiful, she is beautiful, regardless of race. I can’t believe people still think like you.

  • carlos thompson aka black south

    dam she look as hell

  • Real

    Becuz someone is very light skinned that not make them mixed, becuz i’m a primary example and i’m all the way black. So of ya’ll darker skin folks need stop hating on us bright people. Shit ya’ll not all the black either if u want to be specific. Ya’ll keep on talking about all of us as bright people r concieted. It is not true, i one of most humble bright people u can meet. Some of ya’ll saying that mostly the video girls in XXL r yellowbones. That a damn lie, most them girls r all different kind of shades of black. So stop hating cuz she one of pretty yellas who was featured in the maga. For the record, it a lot of yellabones who hate their skin color, and tries to get darker than some of u guys. So come on now, be realistic look at Beyonce, Ashanti, Christian Milian, etc. With all of them fake ass tans. Oh yeah, stop being superifical Clayanna talking she should be thicker or she need a ass. She is pretty and fine (not like that) how GOD made her. So stop hating!

  • http://www.amigoster.com/mizzapplebottom Alize

    sean needs to shutup real shit..hes fucking annoying..i bet if he had the chance he’d fuck any one of theez bitches so SHUT THE FUK UP NEGRO

  • http://www.partypeeps2000.com/mypp2g/registrationchange.aspx rytez

    She is hottt and sweetie

  • http://xxl jay

    u fuckin lookin good as fuck ma wont u let me hit that u got some dsls too wont u come us them on me (dick sucking lips)

  • miss-b

    what is this “too pretty to be black” b.s? beautiful females come in all shades. there are just as many gorgeous black females as there are white. asain. hispanic. ect. i swear, people can be so ignorant and it’s sad. i’m reading the half ass comments and the majority of you can’t even spell. lol. get a grip. she’s gorgeous – point blank. forget what race she is. damn.

  • Mama Mia

    You guys are some of the most ignorant people ever…get a fucking education and travel outside of your damn neighborhood sometimes. This is part of the reason black people cannot progress in America because yall stick on stupid shit like how black someone is or if they are black at all damn. Black Americans are so fucking self hating. The girls is beautiful and if she says she’s fully black then she is. I mean really it was ignorant for that to even come up in the interview but XXL loves to print the race of the eye candy girls which further perpetuates the problem of Black Americans not being able to form their own standard of beauty.

  • Mischa

    ( and you know what I mean so don’t play dumb! ) She’s alright. But everyone can be fly with makeup and Photoshop!!!

  • Darrel

    Yo I went to school wit shorty. As a mata of fact i know her personally. she was a little out there but she cool. shorty had it real rough growin up. and the shit she came up out of is some real shit so im glad to c shorty doin what she want and lookin good. yall cant lie shorty do look good in them pics. Keep doin you shorty.

  • JAY

    damn she looks real good.. we need people lke her down in canada

  • kurt

    what high school did she go to?

  • deezzle

    i would love to get the chance to hit it from the back and pull her hair but thats wishfull thinking ill just jackoff instead right now