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RZA and Paul Walker star in Relativity Media's BRICK MANSIONS. © 2013 EUROPACORP – BRICK MANSIONS, INC. Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse’

In a dystopian Detroit, abandoned brick mansions left from better times now house only the most dangerous criminals. Unable to control the crime, the police constructed a colossal containment wall around this area to protect the rest of the city. For undercover cop Damien Collier (Paul Walker) every day is a battle against corruption. For Lino (David Belle), every day is a fight to live an honest life. Their paths never should have crossed, but when drug kingpin, Tremaine (RZA) kidnaps Lino’s girlfriend, Damien reluctantly accepts the help of the fearless ex-convict, and together they must stop a sinister plot to devastate the entire city. With stylized action featuring thrilling Parkour stunts (David Belle is the co-founder of this physical training discipline). Brick Mansions puts an entertaining twist on the action genre.

Here are 5 Things we learned from Brick Mansions:


The Action Is Non Stop

There is non-stop action from literally start to finish. The movie starts with David Belle's character jumping through windows and off roofs all throughout the city. They're fights every 15 minutes, not a lot of dialogue and the energy is always high. If you love action, this is the movie for you.

David Belle Is Absolutely Fearless

David Belle is a maniac. Belle is the creator of parkour, which is basically someone getting to point A to point B as fast and efficient as possible with just using your surroundings and your hands and feet. Belle shows off his skills completely in Brick Mansions. I mean, he's doing everything, jumping over cars, jumping from roof to roof. There was one scene where he jumped from one roof through the window of another building. It was insane. He does all his stunts and it's amazing how much body control and strength he has.

If You Never Seen Parkour, You Instantly Become A Fan

Short and sweet, you will become enthralled with the art of parkour at the end of the movie. If you're a fitness enthusiast, adrenaline junkie or just looking for a new hobby, parkour will become your new fascination.

RZA Is A Decent Villain

RZA plays a "villain" in Brick Mansions and he does a decent job. The greatest thing about his character is he has a gold gun. The gold gun will bring up memories of Goldeneye 007 video game days. Is RZA Health Ledger as "The Joker" good? No, but he gets the job done. Yes he drops a Wu-Tang Clan reference in the movie.

You Will Miss Paul Walker Instantly

Knowing that this is Paul Walker last film is pretty sad. He shines in Brick Mansions as a tough young cop who's out for revenge. He has funny moments, he has a bunch of great fight scenes and even engages in a little parkour. The part where he's in this Fast & Furious-like scene is pretty tough to stomach. Paul Walker is an amazing actor.

Watch Brick Mansions trailer below:

Release: April 25, 2014
Director: Camille Delamarre
Writer: Luc Besson, based on the screenplay “Banlieue 13’ by Luc Besson and Bibi Naceri
Cast: Paul Walker, David Belle, RZA, Gouchy Boy, Catalina Denis, Carlo Rota
Producers: Claude Leger, Jonathan Vanger
Executive Producers: Ryan Kavanaugh, Tucker Tooley, Matt Alvarez, Romuald Drault, Ginette Guillard, Henri Deneubourg