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The Break Presents: Awkwafina

A lazy critic might pass Awkwafina as a Kreayshawn knockoff, but the Queens, New York, native has much more to offer in her collection of witty concept-driven records and equally humorous visuals. Find out more about the 24-year-old rapper/producer, who has already taken shots at New York City transplants, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and vaginas. Standout: "My Vag" Also Check Out: "NYC Bitche$" And: "Mayor Bloomberg (Giant Margaritas)" Name: Awkwafina (Nora Lum) Age: 24 Hometown: Queens, New York I grew up listening to: Ace Of Base, Necro, Brian Eno and A Tribe Called Quest. Most people don't know: I was physically addicted to Tony Hawk's American Wasteland for PS2. My ...

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