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EPMD:We Mean Business

EPMD We Mean Business (EP Records/RBC) Without a doubt, EPMD is one of rap’s most enduring duos, delivering funk-fueled bangers for over 20 years. After a 10-year hiatus filled with solo endeavors, Erick and Parrish reunite to make dollars with their seventh release, We Mean Business. Over the celebratory horns of the Raekwon-assisted “Puttin’ Work In,” Parrish challenges anyone questioning his squad’s legacy: “Who’s one of the dopest MCs, rockin’ mics for years?/Ask any cat on the street, and they’ll point right here.” After establishing their supremacy, EPMD proceed to chastise green-eyed monsters on the O’Jays-inspired “Bac Stabbers,” before giving way to impressive collaborations. ...

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