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Nappy Roots Look Toward the Future on ‘The 40 Akerz Project’

Nappy Roots has all but disappeared since their last album Nappy Dot Org, released in 2011. In the era where if you're not poppin' you're forgotten, the once platinum-selling, two-time Grammy-nominated group is back with The 40 Akerz Project. The album shares the name of the Nappy Roots' umbrella group, 40 Akerz, comprised of remaining group members Fish Scales, Skinny Deville and producer 808 Blake of SMKA. On The 40 Akerz Project, Fish Scales and Skinny Deville paint vivid pictures of Southern life through eloquently-delivered lyrics and well-developed skits. The album opens with the skit “40 Akerz,” in which an interviewer asks ...

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