The Come Up

<b>Ghostface</b> <br /><i>Sincerely Yours</i>
He’s a founding member of the foundering Wu-Tang Clan, but he’s quietly put together one of the highest-quality solo portfolios in hip-hop history. In the face of slumping sales, shifting trends and a bad case of writer’s block, the inimitable Ghostface continues to astound. Go…
21 Thought Salute
Y’all muh’afukkas better run to the post office and get a job, muh’afukkas. Or starve, muh’fukkas.
Whatchu Want
Lookin’ at the calendar, it’s about that time—for XXL’s highly rated, much-debated 10 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums list. Here are 2006’s most valuable players and the blueprints (tentative as always) for their upcoming LPs. They can speak their piece now, we…

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