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Best Hip-Hop Instagrams Of The Day
Today, (Feb. 5), Instagram was pretty slow, partly due to the fact that just about every hot rapper is on a flight to LA for Grammy weekend. The most popular upload on the social site happened to come from Dame Dash. The hip-hop veteran uploaded a picture standing beside Kanye West and Q-tip...
7 Rappers’ Jobs Before They Were Famous
Sometimes when we see rappers flex their fancy whips, mansions and fashion steez, we forget that that's the perks of their hard labor. Years before their musical fortune, they were struggling artists just working to pay the bills like the rest of us...
Watch The Liverpool Soccer Team Dance To Drake
Too much jokes... @31sterling @jordon_ibe @mb459
A video posted by Official Daniel Sturridge (@dstudge) on Feb 5, 2015 at 4:20am PST
If there was any doubt as to Drake's global influence, we now have video evidence--or at least Vines--to the contrary. Ear...
Former Hot Boy Turk Sues Birdman And Cash Money
Turk, former artist of Cash Money Records and one of the original Hot Boys, is reportedly suing Birdman and the Label for unpaid royalties dating back to 1998. The rapper is claiming he didn't get a single royalty payment in his time on the storied franchise according to a report by AllHipHop..… Is The Most Lyrically Repetitive Rapper In Hip-Hop

Critics often cite hip-hop's repetitive nature as one of the music's biggest drawbacks and after one listen to Migos' "Versace," it's tough to argue the point. Martin Connor, a 2012 Duke University graduate who founded Rap Analysis, a site dedicated to teaching people how to listen to rap,…

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