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Keani Cochelle: 6’1″ and 36-29-47

She’s 6'1" with mind-boggling 36-29-47 measurements. Wowza! Yes, Keani Cochelle gives one plenty to look at. The half-Norwegian, quarter Black and quarter Native American Cherokee stunner, who steamed up the camera lens in Ice Cube’s “Rep That West” video, also was a serious college basketball player in addition to modeling. Here, XXL goes hard in the paint with Keani and challenges her in a game of 1-on-1 that she’ll never forget. Hey, Keani, neither will we. XXL: You’re 6-1 with 36-29-47 measurements and you play sports. Keani Cochelle:Growing up, I’ve always played sports, so it wasn’t anything I thought was rare because ...

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