I’m With That Black Shit

Seems to me black folks have gotten a little too comfy. I don’t know if it’s because we have gained the right to snatch a mic out of a young white woman’s hands and say some ole off-the-wall shit or if it’s because we have half-dibs on the current president and the world’s best golfer. (You better know Tiger’s black for the first time, LOL). Everybody knows that good, clean white golfers know better. They pay their jumpoffs upfront. (Shouts to former Gov. Spitzer! I support paying to play over a Superhead set up any day). My real point is this though, ...

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Living the dream

"The lure of Hollywood and a big career in modeling blinded these girls from reality." -- Capt. Blake Chow, LAPD It occurred to me, while reading ...

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