Lloyd Banks and the Buffalo Bills Throwback

I was waiting for more details to emerge before weighing in on the Lloyd Banks Canadian beatdown, but fuck it. We’re only going to get statements from Chris Hines. I guess we’ll have to go with those, my fellow haters. Based on the overwhelming support to add Banks to the 2010 DN Tournament field, I assume most of you are aware what happened in the most cut-and-dry of senses. For reasons still unbeknownst to us, Hines got the Choclair beaten out of him by Banks’ team. [Blogger's Note: Ice Cold is the first album I've ever returned to a store for an ...

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Lloyd Banks, V.5 [REVIEW]

Lloyd Banks V.5 Beats: L Lyrics: XL Originality: L Since dropping his underwhelming 2006 sophomore album, Rotten Apple, Lloyd Banks has largely been confined to the mixtape circuit. For ...

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